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FAST Racing Neo Review – Zero F’s given

While the internet keeps discussing if this game is more WipEout than F-Zero, I keep on playing this great piece of entertainment. Mostly because I keep losing and want that to stop.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review – Mira Culous

This review is a bit late, and I apologize. The thing is, it is also going to go very in depth with the mechanics of the game and some general throughts. It is a VERY long review, as it is … Continue reading

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Wii games deserving a Wii U upgrade

This is a short list with some thoughts of Wii games that should be re-released on Wii U. Note that games that don’t benefit muchf rom an HD upgrade are left out. If you disagree, you know you are wrong … Continue reading

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The Wii U – Where should Nintendo go from here?

Ever since the Wii U came out the system was doomed. That’s nothing new of course, the 3DS was doomed as well, so was the Wii and the DS. And I am sure the next Nintendo System, be it a … Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda: The Ark of Reality OR The best Zelda game you will never play

This is a sequel to an article I wrote a while ago. You don’t have to read that old article to understand this one, I will start from scratch. This is how I would create a Zelda game for the … Continue reading

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Marketing and the big 3

There is a new Halo 4 comercial out, by David Fincher. Halo 4 is in the news everywhere. Yes, Microsoft really knows what marketing means, and they fully embrace it. Sometimes. And the other two? Sony? Nintendo? Hello?

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My take: The Legend of Zelda WiiU/3DS

We all know Nintendo is at work creating more Zelda games. That is as obvious as water is wet. But that is all we know. And today, I would like to present MY concept for a Zelda game, preferably on … Continue reading

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