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Dear Nintendo, please get your act together, sincerely: Everyone! Software Drought Edition

This is the third of a five part series. Click here to read part 2! So Nintendo fans proudly proclaimed that both Splatoon and Yoshi’s Wooly World are still in the PAL charts. This is all nice and well. But that … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Unity = Death of Gaming, Spoiler Free

Let me explain to you in detail why Assassin’s Creed Unity is the DEFINITION of EVERYTHING wrong with gaming nowadays. And why ACRogue is even worse despite being the better game (technically speaking). Full Disclosure: I played both ACRogue and … Continue reading

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Modern Media Mixed Messages

I am currently getting back into StarCraft 2 and while I install the game I kinda keep thinking about modern media in general – games, comics, movies, music – and why times today are sucking more than ever and yet … Continue reading

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The price of gaming

So with the new “Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Ground Zero” (what a title) pricing thingy that has parts of the net in uproar I figured it’s time to talk about game pricing in general. So here is the only … Continue reading

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Fixing Zelda Wind Waker

So Wind Waker is coming to the WiiU in HD. And I think this would be the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to fix the flaws of the game. This would make it the best 3D Zelda up to date. And … Continue reading

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Sorry for keeping you waiting!

I am really sorry that things turned out the way they did. I had the last three parts of my christmas list written and saved, but due to an error either by my browser or wordpress, the entire thing got … Continue reading

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