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Info on the future of this blog

So lately there wasn’t much I posted. That is because I am rather busy at the moment. But I can hereby announce my plans for the future of this blog 🙂

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Nintendo and Content ID Part Deux

While I agree that Nintendo’s approach to all of this is not very good, I have to say something about it: What nobody seems to understand is the main reason Nintendo does this. And it is not really all about … Continue reading

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A statement to videogame companies

After reading what Ubisoft had to say about Wii U support, I came to one simple conclusion: Those people have no idea what they are actually doing, and here’s why:

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Estopolus – Requiem of Spirits V0.1 RELEASED!

Head over to my WEBSITE to play the first version of my new Super Nintendo styled JRPG for free!

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More weird comedy

This time there is no jump. Just check out this video and comment on whatever is in your head. Don’t sit there and overthink everything Just coment away, it does not matter if you have typos or talk nonsense 🙂 … Continue reading

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The development of a medium: “From Tennis for Two” to “Wii u”

We live in good times. Times where most of the world doesnt starve to death. Times where only parts of the world are still controlled and killed by religious fanatism. Times where, if you get lucky, you yourself can build … Continue reading

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Videogames and Marketing

This is the year 2011. We have active home gaming for 28+ years now. In almost three decades, we have seen gaming evolve from a bunch of moving dots to full fledged almost life like interactive movies. So why is … Continue reading

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The great Christmas Gaming List – #8

It’s this time of the year again. You know when you have a gazillion year in retrospective articles and even more previews for games you can’t play yet. So why don’t we take a different look at things this time?

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Super Mario Ad by the church

I am always mildly amused when I see Nintendo mascots used for something else. However, when I saw this picture, I was not so much amused – it was more of a concern to me.

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