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Best Games of 2015 – The weird List

So, the year has come to an end and it is time for the obligatory best of lists. Today we look at the top ten games of 2015 in my opinion. And since this list is very weird, I will … Continue reading

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Star Wars Episode 7 Review – I find your lack of spoilers disturbing

This is a spoiler free review. It is long and ends with a list and some numbers. You will find a TOO LONG; DIDN’T READ summary at the end. This explanation is pointless^^

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review – Mira Culous

This review is a bit late, and I apologize. The thing is, it is also going to go very in depth with the mechanics of the game and some general throughts. It is a VERY long review, as it is … Continue reading

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Info on the future of this blog

So lately there wasn’t much I posted. That is because I am rather busy at the moment. But I can hereby announce my plans for the future of this blog 🙂

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Nintendo and Content ID Part Deux

While I agree that Nintendo’s approach to all of this is not very good, I have to say something about it: What nobody seems to understand is the main reason Nintendo does this. And it is not really all about … Continue reading

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A statement to videogame companies

After reading what Ubisoft had to say about Wii U support, I came to one simple conclusion: Those people have no idea what they are actually doing, and here’s why:

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Estopolus – Requiem of Spirits V0.1 RELEASED!

Head over to my WEBSITE to play the first version of my new Super Nintendo styled JRPG for free!

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