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FullBlast Wii U Review

I haven’t done one of these in a while and since I have so many things to do I figured I can squeeze this in now. Makes no sense, but if you come here you should know that by now. … Continue reading

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REVIEW: X-Men (All of ’em)

So while everyone is reviewing or talking about the latest X-Flick I’d much rather combine reviews, retrospectives and random babble to an article so this is exactly what I am doing here. This article contains spoilers to ALL X-Men movies. … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rise of Electro

The other “franchise” that is not in MARVEL hands (besides FOX-Men or Fantastic Four) has had many ups and downs over the past twelve years (rellay, it has been only twelve years) and this movie is no exception. This review … Continue reading

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Amazing Spider-Man #700 REVIEW (Spoilers)

So I have read the issue twice by now. I also read the avenging Spider-Man #15.1 to see where we go from here. And this is a spoilerific review. You have been warned!

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REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises

This review contains spoilers. A lot of them. So if you don’t want to know anything, live with the fact that the movies is good, not great, and the weakest of all three Nolan Batman films. And now, for the … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man

WARNING: This REVIEW contains MILD SPOILERS! So if you don’t want to know anything, just know that the movie is well done and worth your time. And for the rest of you…

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Castlevania – From worst to best

I know that most of you will probably disagree with me on that list, but hear me out:

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