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Dear Nintendo, please get your act together, sincerely: Everyone! Virtual Console Edition

I am pretty angry at  Nintendo​ at the moment. The reason? Ocarina of Time is getting a Virtual Console release. Now why would I, a Zelda fan since the NES days, be angry about that? Well…

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Virtual Boy – All games review and 3DS Virtual (Boy) Console candidates

The Virtual Boy is the one system Nintendo wants to forget – a lot has been written about it and I don’t want to rehash that. No, instead I review ALL the games that came out on it and give … Continue reading

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Random gaming thoughts

Not really somethng I planned out in advance here, let’s see how that goes. Here are a few thoughts of mine about gaming, some might be cool, others might be a complete waste. Let’s start with it 🙂

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The Legend of Zelda – From worst to best

Even the worst Zelda game is still pretty good. But which one is the best? The answer is NOT OCARINA OF TIME because it simply isn’t. So this list is actually something new. Again I am looking at things from … Continue reading

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Monetizing Nintendo: About Let’s Play and using Nintendo Content on YouTube

As a YouTube video creator (original content only) and hobby game designer (No fangames) I understand BOTH sides of the debatte and I’d like to share my thoughts on this.

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Fixing Zelda Wind Waker

So Wind Waker is coming to the WiiU in HD. And I think this would be the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to fix the flaws of the game. This would make it the best 3D Zelda up to date. And … Continue reading

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A discussion worth having

At a certain gaming forum, there was a discussion I had with fellow readers. And there came a point when I once again said that I think Nintendo should do VC gaes in Widescreen and HD if possible (Mario Sunshine … Continue reading

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Next “Smash Brothers” Idea Comunity

Smash Bros. ‘Nuff said. Here is how this works: I write down my ideas for the new smash bros game. You comment. I’ll add your ideas to this topic. You share, so that more people pitch in their ideas. Easy … Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda: The Ark of Reality OR The best Zelda game you will never play

This is a sequel to an article I wrote a while ago. You don’t have to read that old article to understand this one, I will start from scratch. This is how I would create a Zelda game for the … Continue reading

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Estopolus – Requiem of Spirits PART I Released!

And without further ado, here is the download link: DONWLOAD HERE! The game is a fantasy JRPG in the good old 16bit style. Enjoy!

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