Deadpool – Movie Review

I know I am MUCH too late with this and I apologize. I am rather busy these days but I do have a few things to say about this film. So here it goes.

I liked the film. It will find its way into my bluray shelf as soon as it is available. That being said, there are a few things I have to talk about.

First, I do like me some Morena Baccarin, especially in the nude. I just find it odd that she survived the finale. As a writer, hobby film-maker and comic lover, I would have killed her to not only give the actions of the film more gravitas but also to open the way for Domino and of course more Deadpool insanity. His sanity was questionable in the film but not downright loony and his woman’s death would have really pushed him over the edge. Also it’s pure bullshit she survived from a physics point of view and YES I KNOW it’s Deadpool, but still.

Also, while the central car chase was great in the film, the fact that pretty much everything of it was already spoiled in the trailer is shit. Pardon my german but I really hate it if movie studios show everything in the trailer. That’s why I was so glad we only got three seconds of Spider-Man, ten seconds of Black Panther and NO seconds of Baron Zemo in the Civil War trailers. We know very little about the film and that is GOOD. So please, studios, don’t spoil your movies in the trailers. I get your thinking, you want the people excited and not confused but at least a third of us are not complete idiots so we get it anyway and the other two thirds, who are complete morons won’t get it no matter what so don’t bother.

As for the rest, as said, I really liked the film. The humor, the writing, the style, it was spot on and I hope we see more movies taking a risk. But I guess Hollywood will learn all the wrong lessons from this film so I expect to see dozens of “edgy” R  rated films released in the future. But that is NOT what we should learn from Deadpool. It is a film that is creative, takes risks and stays true to what it is. THAT is what we sould learn. Not that dick jokes are funny.

Also, I don’t get why people still take their kids to this film. Just don’t, you are a shitty parent, the R rating exists for a reason.

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