Gods of Egypt – Movie Review

So by now everything has been said about this movie that could be said I suppose. People complain about whitewashing and how much the film sucks but frankly, I disagree. I actually liked the film for what it was^^

Our story is set in fantasy egypt. Nothing about this film is even closely resembling real Egypt. Think of it as a fantasy movie where the entire world just happens to be called Egypt. This world is a flat one and egypt is the only thing on it. I think that the meetings for this film were quite simple:

What if all the old egyptian tales were true, down to the last silly idea?

So we get a flat world called Egypt that is split into three parts: Pretty cozy, burning desert and underworld – the later being below the other two and inaccessable by humans. Osiris rules over all of Egypt and his brother Set takes care of the desert. And when it is time to crown a new king, Set takes control by killing his brother and banishing the rightful heir by stealing his eyes. Simple enough.

As you can guess, the entire movie is a romp from setpiece to setpiece to achieve the goals of whoever is in the current party. Much like a videogame a lot of critics say, but those critics are VERY bad at their job. The movie reminds me of Terry Gilliams Baron Münchhausen or the underappreciated Krull. Parallels to the old Harryhausen films can be made, like Jason and the Argonauts for example. It is a journey in itself while the overall plot takes a backseat to setpieces and visuals and that is something modern audiences may not appreciate.

The acting is solid enough. Everybody has some kind of british accent which is standard for modern fantasy I guess. The movie is pretty much a CGI fest and it shows, with some scenes looking wonky while others looking very good. This also translates to pacing, where everything is cut fast and short just to get on with it. The fight scenes are mostly made up of twirling around the characters and some talking – nothing new or fancy here, really. Overall it looks okay but I can’t shake the feeling that the film could have used more time in the oven to flesh out the CGI more and cut it differently. The film has many of the same problems Thor – The Dark World had in that regard. It needs more fat and despite a running time of over two hours it feels as if the film is about ten to fifteen minutes too short.

As for the “controversial” things the internet claims, this is a fantasy film. It is neither set in the real world nor is it even set in anything resembling our universe. As such I find it hard to fault the film for this, considering it’s entirely fictional. My best guess is that detractors simply haven’t seen the movie^^

Overall I liked the film. I am not a big fantasy buff but it was a nice two hour romp. If you like films like the aforementioned Münchhausen or Krull, you’ll probably like this^^

I give this film 7 out of 10^^

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