Best Games of 2015 – The weird List

So, the year has come to an end and it is time for the obligatory best of lists. Today we look at the top ten games of 2015 in my opinion. And since this list is very weird, I will start with the games that should have made the list but didn’t and why they were left out. Here we go!

Splatoon was a game that got rave reviews, sold millions and has a cult following already. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. At all. I have it, I played it, I didn’t care. Nothing in this game appeals to me. Not because it is bad, it is a very good game, it’s just that this game is at the other end of the spectrum of good games – you know which end, the one I don’t care about. Just like…

Metal Gear Solid 5 is a game I never played. I never played any Metal Gear games. I really, REALLY don’t care about that series. Could be the best game of all time, I wouldn’t know. I am not a big fan of stealth games and, well, Metal Gear is apparently the King of a gameplay style I dislike. So… yeah…

Super Mario Maker may be brilliant, but to me it basically is “Work: The Game” so I am not really interested in this. It must be said that it is absolutely brilliant.

Batman: Arkham Knight sucks. Even if the console versions are okay the fact that Warner cares so little about their customers sucks and must not be excused. Also, I find the Arkham games boring, all of them and I don’t like Batman. There, I said it!

I don’t care about Star Wars and I don’t like EA. So guess what that means for Battlefront?

Witcher 3, like the other two, is a game I don’t care about. So I never played it. Probably the best of the ones I never played, though. The End.

Assassin’s Creed “Insert this year’s Subtitle here”. Just fuck off already.

Now, if you are already angry and typing a comment or whatever, you clearly never read my blog. Anyways, on to the list of the best games of 2015.

  • #10 – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter/Aeterno Blade
    Wait… weren’t those games released in 2014? Yes, Yes they were. But since they were re-released/ported with new tech on more platforms recently I can put them up here again. They are good games! Ethan Carter is a very atmospheric adventure game and Aeterno Blade is a great Metroidvania title and that is a genre I really like^^
  • #9 – Devil’s Third
    Imagine what a pathetic year for gaming it was when this game is in my top ten? Surely, it was a horrible year… Except that it wasn’t. It was actually a good year for gaming. I just really like this game. If it weren’t for the outdated technolgy it would even be higher on that list (30fps is a kindergarten framerate) because I really, REALLY like this game. Don’t ask my why, I don’t know!
  • #8 – Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
    This is a 2015 new 3DS port of my favorite RPG ever. So of course it is on that list. The original ranks higher but it was released years ago. Still, the new 3DS version is pretty amazing so it deserves a spot on this list.
  • #7 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    This remake of the old N64 game once again improved on everything the original did. Truth be told, this game should be higher on this list but then again it is just a remake. Still, an amazing game!
  • #6 – Xeodrifter
    There is this dude called Jools who has a small game development studio. He developed a few nice games over the years but NONE captured me like Xeodrifter. Imagine a cutesy Metroid game with all the typical Metorid tropes and locations and then make it ultra cute, animated it brilliantly and make it tough as nails. The game is hard and I really mean HARD. But it is also very great^^
  • #5 – Anno 2205
    Vat is zis? An Ubisoft game in ze Top 10? Blasphemie! No but seriously, the game is legit good. Sure it has a few Ubisoftisms but despite those it is a legit good game. It was released as a complete game with no bugs (at least I haven’t encountered any bugs) that looks and plays great and has a great soundtrack. I really like it^^
  • #4 – FAST Racing Neo
    In case you haven’t noticed, I really like this game. It may not be perfect but it does a damn fine job doing exactly what it promises: FAST Racing in a futuristic setting. And it is great. It is tough as nails, maybe even moreso than Xeodrifter but it is a game worth owning.
  • #3 – Star Craft: Legacy of the Void
    Technically this is cheating since it is an expansion and not a real game per se, but the amount of quality content makes up for that, no doubt. StarCraft II might be the only RTS left standing, or at least it feels like that but that does not diminish the greatness of this title a bit.
  • #2 – Rise of the Tomb Raider
    I was never a fan of Tomb Raider until the 2013 reboot. I loved that game. So it’s no wonder that I love the sequel even more. Talking about a continuation done right. Everything the first game did, this does better. Very recommended.
  • #1 – Xenoblade Chronicles X
    This is it, my game of the year 2015! And how could it not be? Was there really any doubt about this? In a year of bad sequels and unoriginal reboots this game is everything a sequel should be: Not the fifteenth or so, with new, refreshing ideas building upon a great foundation. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay shines and despite the fact that I am not a fan of the soundtrack, the game is still the best game released this year by far!

And that closes my list for this year and also my blogging for the year. Be sure to check back in 2016 for more weird stuff and enjoy your christmas or whatever it is you may or may not be celebrating^^

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