Star Wars Episode 7 Review – I find your lack of spoilers disturbing

This is a spoiler free review. It is long and ends with a list and some numbers. You will find a TOO LONG; DIDN’T READ summary at the end. This explanation is pointless^^

I generally am not a Star Wars Fan. I have seen all films, the two Clone Wars TV Show and a few Episodes of Rebels and think the entire Saga is very overrated and overhyped, a remnant of a long forsaken past that still gives warm and nostalgic feelings to most people who saw one of them as kids but break apart under even the sligthest scrutiny.

My favorite would be Episode 5 as it is the best film of the saga as far as filmmaking goes, followed by Episode 3, which may not be a good film per se but at least things are happening since Episodes 1 and 2 neglected to have any story at all.

Episode 7, however, is now my favorite of the Saga. Not only is it well made and entertaining, it is also a great film in its own right. It stands on its own while throwing a lot of easter eggs at you, it works as a stand alone movie as well as a part of a bigger story and it is just downright entertaining.

The cast is wonderful, especially the young miss Daisy, who will probably be a very huge star in the years to come. But she just shines the brightest in a cast filled with so many talented actors. And everyone from newcomers to classic cast alike meshes well together. The plot may be the same one as the last few times but is elevated by the great cast and of course by the villain.

Having a good badguy is the crux of stories like this and I am happy to say that the Kylo Ren is among the best badguys of the last few years. He is what the young Darth Vader should have been. He also has a few whiny emotional outbursts but his are entertaining and not annoying. Most of that boils down to storytelling of course but the actor is also far superior to whatever it was Hayden Christensen was trying (or told to) do.

That being said, it is also the least logical and the one with the most inaccurate science, which says a lot since Episode 3 already exists. It also goes to show that the less influence on a film George Lucas has, the better it is. So it’s no wonder my favorites are 3, 5 and 7, the one film where he had no choice but to go a certain route despite him not wanting to, the one where he hated everything the director did and the one he had no say in whatsoever.

I forgive those science and logic fails, though. Just because I criticise something doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, critique may be offered to great things, too. Star Wars has never been a science fiction movie, no matter how many people claim otherwise. It is a fairytale first and a fantasy film second. Instead of horses you have speeders and instead of dragons you have spaceships but Star Wars is high fantasy at its purest and this film is no exception.

If I had to fault the film, it would be due to the fact that the characters all are either completely stupid or know too much. Most of the time the force users are dumb as bread while everyone else is just in exposition mode or has information they couldn’t possibly have. For example there is a scene after the dramatic and tense finale where two characters that never met already know each other, know of the events that happened and look at each other and then they hug. This makes no sense whatsoever since they share no relationship. They don’t even know who the other person is. But we know them, so they act as if they had our knowledge, which of course is silly. Force this and that, it is silly, preiod. There are a few moments like this in the film and if the fail at science doesn’t throw you off, those scenes most certainly will.

Oh, and the final scene is pointless. As if we didn’t know a sequel was underway already.

Perhaps Star Wars is nothing more than nostalgia driven merchandise but to watch new movies about it every now and then is alright in my book, especially if they continue to be as entertaining as this one. Maybe a little less dumb, tho^^

Episode 7 may just be the best Star Wars film and while I am not a Star Wars nerd I most certainly liked the movie. My rating of the saga would be, from best to worst:

  1. Episode 7
  2. Episode 5
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 6
  5. Episode 4
  6. Episode 2
  7. Episode 1


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