About those Zelda Twilight Princess HD Rumors…

Apparently somebody unearthed a Zelda Twilight Princess HD Wii U port or something. Now, personally I don’t believe it exists. I think it’s just the Wii game on the eShop with a wrong header. But what if I am wrong? What would need to be changed to make it as great a remaster as Wind Waker HD was?

Well, first things first, it would have to be the GameCube version. Obviously it would need widescreen and HD output. I suppose we’d also get the remastered score like in Wind Waker HD so those are the obvious ones. But what else?

Well, the first hour of the game is incredibly boring. They would really have to streamline the opening hardcore, the fastest an avergae player can get to the first dungeon is 30-40 minutes – way too long. There are so many cutscenes (that can be skipped, but still) and tutorials (nobody needs those) that it really takes forever to get going. So how would we shorten those?

Well, I would cut down the tears of light by half, for starters. I’d also drop almost all tutorials and made them optional. It takes forever to get going, herd some goats, get the baby basket, get a fishing rod, catch a fish, get a bottle, buy the slingshot, play with the kids, herd more goats, play with the kids again, run around do things, save the kids… I probably forgot something you need to do to finally start the story. It all takes forever and pretty much all of it is filler. That would have to be cut or at least made optional…

Tweak the items: Give us the Epona Whistle early on. Upgrade the Spinner to awesome mode, similar to Hyrule Warriors. Make the Slingshot more usefull since once we ge the Bow it’s pretty useless. For example make it faster than the Bow or make it hit multiple targets at once or something, so that we want to fight small enemies, Keese and whatnot with the Slingshot instead of the Bow. The Ancient Rod or whatever it’s name is only has a few uses, get more things in for that. But the item thing ties into my next point, really^^

Fill the overworld with stuff! The Twilight Princess overworld is empty and barren. If Nintendo would make it a tiny bit smaller and fill it with things to do instead, it would be much better. Get in some more item use, caves in walls, more secrets, maybe even hide optional items inside the overworld caves like for example the Hawkeye, which would save you the money from buying it or bomb bags or whatnot. Maybe even a new item like a Magic Cape that makes you invisible 😉 Just put things in there and give the items more use^^

Change the visual style. This might be a controversial opinion but I think the Twilight Princess style aged poorly, especially compared to Skyward Sword or Wind Waker. You’d have to redo all textures, the lighting and shader model to make it appealing. I’m not saying go the Skyward Sword route but make it less brown/”bleurgh” and more colorful/vibrant. The game really didn’t age gracefully.

Last but not least, cut down on all the tedious random stuff to do between the dungeons. I like overworld things like the next guy but, again, so many quests are filler and could easily be turned into sidequests, tightening up the main game and giving completionists a great incentive to keep playing. Those filler quests are especially tedious in the first half of the game. Like all the things you need to do before you can enter the third dungeon. Bring back the Light to Lanayru, go to the Zoras, thaw out the Zoras, do some minigames in between, do more minigames, talk to the spirit, talk to your girlfriend who doesn’t know you, do that whole doctor thing, escort mission nobody likes with many obstacles in between, get the Zora outfit and the Waterbombs to finally get into the Watertemple but I probably forgot something again or got the order of events mixed up (pretty sure you thaw out the Zoras before you talk to the spirit), It has been years since I last played the game. I think that Nintendo could easily scrap almost all of those quests and make them optional. What if, for example, half the tears of light are enough to bring back the light and the other half are optional collection thingies like the bugs? It could have changes to the world like certain sidequests only trigger if all the light is restored or something. It takes forever to collect them all, especially since you have to go to the Zoras, go to Hyrule Town and listen to all the people talk just for one bug only to return back to the lake to fight the bug boss.

Sure, if we make some of those things optional some players might miss out on story points but let’s be real here, the story is not overly complex and even if you miss two thirds of all those dialogue cues you’ll easily understand what’s going on. Making these things optional would improve the pacing a lot!

You could also make some of those optional quests into minigames. Like for example after you escorted the Zora boy to Kakariko you can send convoys between Hyrule Town and Kakariko, earning money or Pieces of Hearts or other things. But you’ll have to protect the convoy from enemies. Things like that^^

All in all, those are just some ideas I’d have for a Twilight Princess remake. If it ever comes, which I still doubt. If they really do one though, consider me a day 1 buyer^^

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