Unpopular Opinion: 5 Games I like but everyone else thinks are bad

So next week I’ll be doing a double review of DEVIL’S THIRD and LEGEND OF KAY ANNIVERSARY, that means I’ll review both in one article. I’ll probably get a few things mixed up even, which will be very weird for you to read. But fun. And to prepare you for that, here is a list of 5 games that are supposedly bad but I really liked^^

I really like Castlevania II Simon’s Quest on NES. Sure, the game is horribly translated and the japanese text doesn’t really do it for me either but once you know where to go and what you do it is a very cool game. The levelup system is broken, the game has little to no bosses and the lives thingy is redundant but that all doesn’t change the fact that I like it. I like the atmosphere, the music, the story, three endings, six dungeons, upgrades and items. It just gives me the feeling of adventure, much like Castlevania Legacy of Darkness, the second N64 game, although I don’t really like the first one that much, mostly due to the fact that it is a beta version of Legacy of Darkness, it does have a fantastic opening tho. Legacy of Darkness has a woman running, but CV64 has the castle with some great music and a boy playing the violin which sets the mood perfectly. It also has some different level layouts from Legacy which makes it even stranger. I wish there was an ultimate edition wth the cool intro and all level layouts, depending on the character. Also I really don”t like that Cornell had to run through ALL stages after the halfway point but whatever, still great games. Come to think of it, CV64 ain’t that bad either but it certainly ain’t Legacy of Darkness^^

Sonic Lost World. I like that game a lot. Because I am not a Sonic fan and I think the Sonic fanbase is full of idiots. And if you’re a Sonic fan chances are you are an idiot. No offense but have you checked the sonic fanarts on deviant ART? I am not talking the palette swap “OC” either… I am talking gay diaper wearing sonic fucking knuckles in high speed so a superfast growing babythingy gets born everyone has an orgy with. Stuff like that…

Still, Lost World is a great game. It also got great post release support with upgrades, patches, free DLC and such. Sure, the 3DS version sucks but the Wii U version is great. Like Need for Speed Most Wanted U which is the best verison of that game and it is a great game, despite the fact that the internet seems to prefer the Underground Series for whatever bizarre reason. Sure, NFSMWU plays more like Burnout but thats part of what makes it awesome. I don’t care about the Underground Street Racing culture, I’m not 15 anymore. NFSMWU is a great game, a complete package and it plays fantastically.

Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures. I love the first one, like the second one and really hope for a 3rd one to be honest. That is all šŸ™‚

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