Why the current conversation about guns in the USA is a horrible problem!

There was, of course, another shooting in the U.S. today. Nothing new about that as it happens almost daily. However, I take great offense in how the media and especially social media portray this entire issue – namely totally wrong.It is true that every single day people in the United States are being killed with guns. What those reports FAIL to acknowledge is the fact that two thirds of those deaths are suicides. Mostly by people listening to country music, obviously enough.
Which leaves us with a gun related murder/accidental death every four days, which is STILL a lot! However, this still does not paint the full picture as these statistics are just that – statistics. They include gang related shootings where only gang members where killed as well as homicides, accidents and the shooters killing themselves after a shooting.

The biggest culprit here is that people are hypocrites. Take a gun, walk through a high security prison and shoot hundred die hard criminals and nobody bats an eye. Human life does NOT matter to people – their arbitrary definition of innocence however, that matters. They are so angry every time a mass shooting happens because they think “it could have been me/my fianceé/my kid” and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the people that died.
One white cop shoots an unarmed black kid – tragic, no doubt about that. But then people walk about and feign solidarity, we all must stand together because we are all black or we are all women or we all wear white socks or whatever strawman argument they use this time. Nobody gives a fuck about what really happened, who this dead kid was or who the cop was that shot that kid. Maybe he was a racist bastard. But maybe he was not and was just scared because three of his pals were shot in the last week by gang members. We will never know because social media and by proxy the media paint their own picture.

We hear the choirs of people demanding to ban guns, completely ignoring the facts that every other civilised country has no mass shootings, no matter if there are guns being sold there or not. Why do you think is that?

I don’t own a gun. I am not interested in guns and I don’t see any reason to change that, despite the fact that I live in a country where I can walk into a gun shop and buy myself one without a problem. Or I can go to a shooting range, get myself a gun and fire away.

The gun is but a tool to be used by the social outcast. If all guns are banned, people get into their car and drive through a pedestrian street, killing people with their car. And if we ban cars they build shrapnell bombs. And if we somehow manage to get rid of those, they go fetch themselves a long stick and bludgeon people with it. All a gun does is make mentally poor people feel empowered. And THAT is your entire problem!

Instead of trying to outlaw guns, you americans should change the dialogue. Obviously that means focusing on mental health, but it also means fighting poverty and making people realize that guns don’t give you power, they only give you the illusion of power. You are not powerful with your gun. You do not need a gun to protect yourself or to protect the country from the “evil government” – if the government wants you dead, you get blown up by a drone. Nobody will come for your guns – they’ll just blow it up. How long do you think you and your 30 friends with some automatic rifles can withstand drone attacks? A minute? Two?

So next time there is another shooting or similar incident (that would probably be around the weekend) don’t just stand there and demand guns being banned. Demand better social security, better health care, better education and better opportunities for all people.
Go to a gun owner and tell them that you know they are not to blame and that you undestand that their aggressive behavior right now is because they are genuinly scared that they are being blamed for something they have nothing to do with. Explain to them that they can make the situation better by, instead of claiming how important and great guns are, going out and telling people with guns that responsibility is a two way street – be responsible by acting responsible.

Otherwise the violence will never end.

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