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Unpopular Opinion: 5 Games I like but everyone else thinks are bad

So next week I’ll be doing a double review of DEVIL’S THIRD and LEGEND OF KAY ANNIVERSARY, that means I’ll review both in one article. I’ll probably get a few things mixed up even, which will be very weird for … Continue reading

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Why the current conversation about guns in the USA is a horrible problem!

There was, of course, another shooting in the U.S. today. Nothing new about that as it happens almost daily. However, I take great offense in how the media and especially social media portray this entire issue – namely totally wrong.

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Dear Nintendo, please get your act together, sincerely: Everyone! Marketing Edition

This is the fifth and final pat of a five part series. Click here to read part 4 Nintendo of Europe announced some great deals during Gamescom this week. Project Zero (Fatal Frame in the US) will be released in … Continue reading

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