Announcing: Citadale – Gate of Souls for Wii U

This will be a very short post so I’ll cut to the case: I am developing a Wii U exclusive Retro Action game similar to the old, classic Castlevania games. The game is called Citadale – Gate of Souls and should hopefully be out by 2015. If you want to know how it looks like, there are screenshots after the jump!

This is an early screenshot. The final game is a bit brighter with better distinction between foreground and background. The resolution is 384*216 so it is very small. The graphics are not final but will look kinda like this. I am for a 12 bit style, a bit better than an NES or Master System but not as good as a Genesis or SNES.

Screenshot02Same stage, different location. This image is scaled by two and this will be the size displayed on the gamepad. The entire game will be played on the gamepad as the TV is used for something special I haven’t seen before. I had this idea ever since the Wii U was announced and I think it will be quite nice.

This is the second screenshot super imposed into the gamepad. A “target render” if you will, this is how I  hope the game looks like if you play it. The music, by the way, will be chiptune sound, 6 Instruments, 4 channels with a seperate sound channel for sound effects so that the music doesn’t stop when an effect plays.

As said, the graphics are not finished, some placeholder images are still there and some backgrounds need to be fixed and stuff but all in all this is what I am aiming for. What do you think?

P.S.: Some of you might remember some graphics from my other project THE PROPHECY, like the Zombies or the dead trees. THis is NOT the replacement of the Prophecy. The Prophecy will be finished eventually, don’t worry. This here helps me with getting used to the new engine and hardware^^

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