PokéMon Snap MMO

You want a PokéMon MMO? I want something else – a PokéMon Snap MMO. Why do I want that and how does it work? Come in to find out!

Imagine a dense Forest rendered on your Wii U TV screen. Maybe in one of those hybrid cartoon/CGI styles Nintendo does so well. Your GamePad is your camera, literally as you point it on the screen and zoom in (on the gamepad screen of course) to see a wild Mudkip (I had to go there). Take the picture! Great!

You are a Poket Monsters Photographer. As such you travel the forests, lakes and fields of the world to take the best pictures of the creatures. You are just a low level starter with a cheap camera but you can work your way up. Sell your pictures, buy better equipment, gear for better stealth, bait, a wind direction tool (the PokèMon can smell you and run away if the wind is in the wrong direction), compass, ect.

Your pictures are rated by the online community on Miiverse. The best pictures can be sold for ingame cash to the International PokéMon gallery where the whole world can see them – ingame of course. This is where you do a lot of work talking to NPCs to get them to give you money for further ventures – sidequests as it is.

But not everyone wants to be a photographer. Others just want to find and train PokèMon. You are a trainer. You start with your basic starter and tour the world. You earn money in tournaments, where only the very best photographers are allowed to enter and take pictures. But the entry fee is high – you need good PokèMon and lots of publicity. To get said publicity you need to talk to photographers to take pictures of YOUR team, your fighters during battle, out in the wild.

The photographers take the pictures and gain fame, and the trainers get pictures taken by good photographers to gain fame. Eventually a symbiosis is created where both photographer and trainer can enjoy digital wealth and fame in this open world MMO that is different from most other MMO’s out there. One that uses the best features of the Wii U to their fullest, gamepad, Miiverse, cameras, gyrosensors. Your rating, not only in picture but also in friendlyness, will decide your fate as ultimate master of your craft.

This one is free, Nintendo!

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