Virtual Boy – All games review and 3DS Virtual (Boy) Console candidates

The Virtual Boy is the one system Nintendo wants to forget – a lot has been written about it and I don’t want to rehash that. No, instead I review ALL the games that came out on it and give my thoughts on what games would be great for the Virtual Console on 3DS – if Nintendo ever decides to do such a thing, which is unlikely. So head on in!

I spent all day playing all Virtual Boy games. Since there are not that many, that was not very hard. I even played an unreleased game to complete this list. Instead of a complete written run down of every single game, I instead decided to just write down the top ten games in text and do a list with short description of the rest. The article ends with a complete list with grades ranging from “GREAT” to “UNPLAYABLE”. This list includes all Virtual Boy games ever released plus an unreleased one from all over the world! So let’s begin with the best games on the system, shall we?

Bound High!Bound High!
We start our list with an unreleased game, simply because we go in alphabetical order. This game has you bouncing a ball across some tiles to destroy bubbles. There is more to it of course but that’s not the point. The Point is that you see this from a top down perspective and the camera bounces with the ball, making brilliant use of the 3D effect of the system. It is one of the best games on the system and a great game overall. While unreleased, the game was completed so it should be easy for Nintendo to bring it to 3DS if they chose to ever do a Virtual Boy Virtual Console. And if the red color scheme puts you off, a black/white setting would suffice. But truth be told, the red is not a bad thing in this game. I really hope this comes back!

Galactic PinballGalactic Pinball
While not particularly great or special, it is an okay game, meaning there is nothing wrog with it if you like pinball. The theme is nice, there are a few tables to choose from and the 3D effect is put to good use. It would be a nice addition to a 3DS VC library if priced right. I do recommend changing the color scheme from red to a light blue though, which is easier on the eyes and makes everything much nicer. Nothing special but not bad at all. Also, nice 3D.

Jack BrosJack Bros.
This is probably the best game on the entire system. It is a top down action game with some adventure and RPG elements. You chose one of three Jacks, Jack Frost, Jack O’Lantern and Jack Skellington (not related to any movies) and traverse multiple level dungeons. You have to collect keys to advance and battle enemies similar to Zelda, which is always a good thing. You have to jump up and down the levels which is a nice gimmick for the underused 3D effect. The music is nice and while the game is short, it is great fun. If Nintendo ever released this on 3DS VC, I recommend changing the color scheme to a brown tone as the red is unfitting.

Mario ClashMario Clash
Now this game is basically just a 3D vesion of the very classic original Mario Bros game. The gameplay is exactly the same, you jump on the Koopa Troopas and use their shells to kick off the other enemies. However the added 3D effect makes this game very enjoyable. It has a bunch of stages and is very well done overall. Jumpig back and forth looks great and you can even do tactical combos, which is a nice touch. For a re-release I’d recommend a greenish brown color scheme. Maybe call it Luigi Clash or something, just for fun.

Panic BomberPanic Bomber
One would think games starring Bomberman would be, you know, Bomberman. Instead we get a Puzzle game like Puyo Puyo. Don’t get me wrong it is a great game that has also been released on various other platforms, it’s just strange that they chose this over a Bomberman game with 3D explosions. But there were many strange things back in the  mid 90ies. This game technially doesn’t need a re-release as it has been released on a few other systems already. But it is a good game and deserves a place on this list.

Space SquashSpace Squash
I never got the appeal of sport games. I can always go out and just do the sport instead of playing it on consoles. This game is different. You play 3D squash but with a robot against other robots, aliens and stuff. So that is a twist. Unlike the other Sports games on the Virtual Boy it is not as outdated and thus deserves a spot on this list. The 3D is nice and works well so it makes sense. To my knowledge there hasn’t been a game liek this ever since either so a 3DS VC re-release would be nice. Like Galactic Pinball however, a light blue color scheme would be much better though!

The only other sport game on this list is also quite good. If you ever played Wii Sports Boxing you know what to expect. But this time we have robots fighting eachother, which is great, as is the 3D by the way. While the Golf, Bowling and whatever games for the Virtual Boy have all long been replaced by infinitely better versions, there was nothing quite like this and I doubt we will ever see something as hilarious as this again. Except maybe Project Giant Robot for the Wii U. Anyways, if this game would be re-released, I’d hope for a simple black and white color scheme. Robots are grey, after all.

Unlinke the other Tetris game on Virtual Boy this one is quite good. It is very classic, features a few cool modes, nice animations, great backgrounds, easygoing music and  o forced 3D. It is just a Tetris game, but a great one nontheless. If a re-release would be done, I’d hope that they’d chose a simple black and white color scheme and then change the colors depending on the mode you chose. That would be a fun way to mix things up.

Vertical ForceVertical Force
I am very fond of vertical scrolling shooters. Not so much of horizontal scrolling ones but that’s not the point. The point is that this is a great game. I really, REALLY like it. You can dive down to a lower level and fight enemies there and get back up which switches the style up a bit and makes great use of the 3D effect, which is always a plus for a 3DS game. If there ever is a VB VC for 3DS I really hope they bring this game back. Make it black and white whcih is easier for the eyes and put it out there. Day one for me.

Virtual Boy Wario LandVirtual Boy Wario Land
Arguably the best game on the system and one of the best 2D platformers ever, fans have yearned for a re-release of this gem. This game is fantastic, no doubt about it. Great platforming, tight level design and cool 3D effects. Now if they do bring it to 3DS, either re-color everything or just make it black and white. A complete recoloring would be great though. Perhaps ask a company like M2 to port it over with new colors, they are great at 3DS ports.

That’s it, the top ten best Virtual Boy games with 3DS translation ideas. The Virtual Boy was killed off early and did not have a lot of games, but below is a full list of titles for the system as well as a one word review for them, just in case you are interested. And with that, I’m done 🙂

  • 3D Tetris – Puzzle Game – Bad
  • Bound High! – Skill Game – Great
  • Galactic Pinball – Pinball – Okay
  • Golf – Sport Game – Okay
  • Innsmouth no Yakata – Ego Shooter – Bad
  • Jack Bros. – Action Adventure – Great
  • Mario Clash – Skill Game – Good
  • Mario’s Tennis – Sport Game – Okay
  • Nester’s Funky Bowling – Sport Game – Mediocre
  • Panic Bomber – Puzzle Game – Good
  • Red Alarm – 3D Shooter – Okay
  • SD Gundam Dimension War – Strategy Game – Mediocre
  • Space Invaders Virtual Collection – Skill Game – Mediocre
  • Space Squash  -Sport Game – Okay
  • Teleroboxer – Sport Game – Okay
  • V-Tetris – Puzzle Game – Good
  • Vertical Force – Shooting Game – Good
  • Virtual Bowling – Sports Game – Bad
  • Virtual Boy Wario Land  – Platformer – Great
  • Virtual Fishing – Sport Game – Bad
  • Virtual Lab – Puzzle Game – Mediocre
  • Virtual League Baseball – Sport Game – Mediocre
  • Waterworld – 3D Action Game – Unplayable


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3 Responses to Virtual Boy – All games review and 3DS Virtual (Boy) Console candidates

  1. Shane Skekel says:

    I have Mario’s Tennis, Red Alarm, and Teleroboxer. I personally enjoyed these, but Wario Land is still the best game for the system. By the way, how come Dragon Hopper wasn’t mentioned?

  2. Ezekiel Rage says:

    Because I did not play that as the game was unreleased and no ROM was dumped.

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