Wii games deserving a Wii U upgrade

This is a short list with some thoughts of Wii games that should be re-released on Wii U. Note that games that don’t benefit muchf rom an HD upgrade are left out. If you disagree, you know you are wrong 😉

Click on the images to see a Full HD screenshot of the original game. Also note that this list can get bigger at any time^^

Arc Rise Fantasia HDArc Rise Fantasia
This JRPG was released for Wii and is a prime example of what an HD port could do. The graphics don’t need that big of an upgrade, mostly a few better textures and some smoothing, but a 1080p version with some anti aliasing would do wonders for the title. This would also give the developers the chance to change a few of the not so good aspects of the game, especially the english dub that was horrible. Or at least gve us a dual language option. All in all, this one would be perfectly suited for the Wii U, with the gamepad as inventory and move selector during the battles, character displays with descriptions during cutscenes and of course for the menus in general.

Eternal Darkness HD

Eternal Darkness
Now this GameCube title would need a full on upgrade – redo pretty much all models and textures, add in some shaders, real surround sound, miiverse integration, gamepad support for those overly long menu times, upgraded battle system, option to share items over miiverse, and of course skippable cutscenes.

ExciteBots HD

This gem of a game was never released in Europe. It should be a download title for WiiU – the visuals are great so you don’t have to upgrade much, just output it in 60 frames HD, add in Miiverse and good online play and be done with it^^


The Legend of Zelda SKyward Sword HDThe Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword
This game would be a massive undertaking to redo. First you would need to rework the battle system to a more classic approach to make use of the gamepad. Then you would need to add some more polish, remove some artificial streching (fighting the imprisoned twice would suffice, same for Ghirahim, remove that ultra dumb note collecting quest for that bitch of a waterdragon, shorten the quest to the fire temple where you have to fill pots with water) add a few more interesting islands to the sky, change the last dialogue where it is implied Ganondorf is just a pawn of Demise’s dark power to having Demise’s dark power seek out those that are like him, effectively making Ganondorf a badass again and also tying Vaati better into that mix, add an additional coat of polish and of course Miiverse integration.

Metroid Other M HD

Metroid Other M
I already made my case for this so here is a short rundown: Remove Samus voice completely (especially her inner monologue) and bring back the voice of the suit. That way the Varia suit can malfunction instead of Adam giving her dumb orders. Trim all cutscenes a little, make them skippable, use the gamepad as scanner and do some polish – done^^

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

Metroid Prime Trilogy
Now this one is obvious although it would be much work to actually port it over. You’d have to redo some models, all textures and update the shaders. You would have to tweak every game again even further, upgrade some low poly geometry and adapt the gamepad for visor upgrades for those that don’t want to play with a Wii Remote. But it could be done, given the time. I mean look at how brilliant Wind Waker HD looks.


Super Mario Galaxy HDSuper Mario Galaxy
This title looks pretty good so a simple HD output makes it pretty enough. Maybe some better textures here and there but not needed. Instead use the gamepad for a classic control scheme and to display lumas and upgrades in the area you are in, use the touchscreen to collect far away starbits, miiverse integration for NPCs and toads. You could even add in the levels and some elements from Mario Galaxy 2 for an even bigger experience and instead remove some dumb and tedious stars from the first galaxy game, like reducing a few comets for example.

Xenoblade CHronicles HD

Xenoblade Chronicles
This game would benefit most from gamepad usage with the menus and skill trees. Of course map, fast travel, HD visuals are a nice thing. Miiverse integration for NPCs messages. You would have to redo all textures and especially player models and player textures though.

Zack and Wiki HDZack and Wiki: The Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
This game would need a better title to start with, but visually not much needs to be changed. The gamepad should function as a much needed map/total overview of the stages and to replace the gestures you usually do with the Wiimote which can become quie annoying. Also the entire game needs to be a bit faster since it is very slow.


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4 Responses to Wii games deserving a Wii U upgrade

  1. Shane Skekel says:

    Speaking of gems that never reached the rest of the world, maybe the GameCube title GiFTPiA would qualify for a Hi-Def upgrade. (Assuming that it doesn’t end up like the remakes of Flashback or Earthworm Jim.)

  2. Ezekiel Rage says:

    Ah yes, I vaguely remember that one. Nintendo deemed it toostrange back in the day. Maybe if there is no HD re-release they could do a GCN VC release with translations, much like they did with Sin and Punishment for the N64 VC^^

    • Shane Skekel says:

      I’m all for it being on virtual console as well. Off topic: If you ever decide to continue working on The Prophecy, I know quite a few people who could help.

  3. Ezekiel Rage says:

    well I would gladly work on the prophecy as the game was far in development. But I am not a coder and now it would need even more work. I can*t go into much detail about it but let’s say it would look great on a gamepad. And for that I’d need more cash than I have so that’s a problem I generally have…

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