Random gaming thoughts

Not really somethng I planned out in advance here, let’s see how that goes. Here are a few thoughts of mine about gaming, some might be cool, others might be a complete waste. Let’s start with it πŸ™‚

Nintendo should do an HD Version of Metroid: Other M for Wii U. Make the Cutscenes skippable, remove ALL of Samus’ inner monologue, add analogstick controls, use the gamepad as scanner, hire Kenji Yamamoto to compose a few real music tracks and get the voice actress from Metroid Prime back who did the Voice of the Varia Suit – That way there is an “Electric anomaly” that prevents the Varia Suit from working and NOT Adam Malkovich – once the Battle against that Lava boss starts the electric anomaly is gone. The game would be pretty cool if those changes were made, nobody needs that samus monologue and the story is much better without it anyway – and less sexist. Alos it would be a quick and cheap port for a starving System.

Nintendo should also do a 3DS Version of Majoras Mask. Seriously…

How come nobody ever made a game based on a Bud Spencer movie? Practically makes itself.

Sega should put some of their lesser known IPs on 3DS – Skies of Arcadia 3D anyone? Jet set Radio 3D? SpaceStation Silicon Valley 3D? HELLO?

Nintendo: Fund Shadow of the Eternals, Rename it Etneral Darkness 2 and release it. Re-release the GameCube original on Virtual Console or 3DS although i doubt the small screen of the 3DS does the game justice. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

Could somebody tell EA that if they don’t want to be voted worst company in the US they actually need to change things?

Sony should not do any more handhelds.

So why exactly did Microsoft buy RARE if they don’t use their franchises? At least develop a 3rd REAL Banjo Kazooie for 3DS or port the old ones…

Assassin’s Creed should be set in 18th century Vienna and Prague. Mozart as Templar, Sallieri as Assassin – writes itself. Also, drop the gimmicks, return to form, Assassin’s Creed 2 was so brilliant because it had focus.

How come there hasn’t been a single good Doctor Who game yet? Where is Telltale when you need them? Wiimote=Sonic Screwdirver? Genius!

Hey Nintendo, where is my GBA VC for 3DS and my GameCube VC for Wii U?

That Sonic Boom thing? Actually kinda cool!

If I have to pay 70 bucks for a beta version of a game that is riddled with bugs and filled with microtransactions I could at least get a free blowjob with my purchase. That being said:

Batman is totally overrated but I would buy an Arkham Trilogy including Blackgate HD and all DLC for Wii U despite owning those games on PS3 already…

Mach Rider needs a crossover with F-Zero!

Nintendo and Microsoft should talk to let StarFox Adcentures be ported to 3DS. And then Nintendo should do a sequel without the StarFox Crew but with Krystal as heroine.

Anita Sarkeesian might have questionable methods but she DOES have a point. You assholes threatening her just proves it.

Ellen Page should be in a game some day. A real one.

The Uncharted movie should just use the Voice actors as actors.

So what is it with the Darksiders franchise now? After the great second part I can’t believe nobody is interested enough in that to do something, anything with it? Also, Michael Wincott should be in more games!

There are way too many gaming blogs out there πŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to Random gaming thoughts

  1. Shane Skekel says:

    Aside from Bud Spencer and Ellen Page, I have to agree with this list completely.

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