The Wii U – Where should Nintendo go from here?

Ever since the Wii U came out the system was doomed. That’s nothing new of course, the 3DS was doomed as well, so was the Wii and the DS. And I am sure the next Nintendo System, be it a handheld or a console will be doomed as well. Bu all snark aside, the Wii U is apparently not selling very well so where should Nintendo go from here? The answer migth surprise you!

The Wii U sold a bit over 5 million units since its launch. I am sure somebody will point out some NPD numbers or an IGN article that state otherwise but that does not really matter. Because sales of the system don’t matter at this point. Now that’s something you don’t hear every day as apparently everybody else thinks otherwise. But those are the same people that manouvered the entire gaming industry into a boring ditch of grey brown realistic shooters filled with micro transactions and quicktime events. So why do you even listen to those people?

The Wii U is actually doing fine. Not from a system selling point of view at the moment, sure but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you’ll see that it is by far the best “next gen” (as much as I hate that term) system out there. Again, take a step back and forget tech specs as they don’t matter either.

It has a big game library with a lot of  great games. Sure, one can argue that a lot of these are just random last gen ports but really, who cares? Many of us never played those for various reasons and even if you ignore those there are at least 20-30 brilliant games on the system right now, all great games you can and should play, none of them last gen ports. How many do the XBonePs4 have? Three combined? I’ll provide a list of some of those games down below if you don’t believe me.

It has some brilliant and unique features not discussd anywhere. It is the ONLY backwards compatible console out there. You can play pretty much all Wii games on the system, all Wii downloads and tons of virtual console games. Technically speaking you can play THOUSANDS of games on the system right now. Sure they are old games from legacy systems but I bet you, you haven’t even played half of them.

Miiverse and the other features the console have are a brilliant idea and far ahead of anything the other consoles offer. I own a PS3 and I fail to see the hype of the PS4 – the system offers NOTHING I want. And don’t come to me with graphics I have a PC here with specs that own the PS4 three times over, graphics are as unimportant to me as my sex life (which is brilliant by the way) is to you. What I am looking for are great games that are enjoyable to play and the PS4 or XBone have NONE for me. You may think otherwise but you are wrong. Pure and simple. If you still disagree with this notion what the fuck are you doing on my blog?

So where should Nintendo go? Nowhere, really. They should just continue to do what they do best: Release brilliant games that can’t be played anywhere else. It’s that simple. The next six months we get a bunch of brilliant first party exclusives including Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and Hyrule Warriors (which, contrary to idiot belief is NOT the new Zelda) and a ton of great digital titles. Then later the year we will be treated to X, Bayonetta and Smash Brothers alongside a few previously unannounced titles. And you can be sure there are a lot of unannounced games coming. But not only that – popular games are still being released for the system like Assassin’s Creed, Batman and all those games I don’t care about so I  won’t name them here but you know what they are. So that helps. And then there is the final sales pitch most people simply forget…

This is Nintendo. A household name. A name the regular public can trust. You may not care about them but you are unimportant. You know who actually is important? THe people who are not hung up on one system, the non fanboys the people who just wanna play a game or wanna give a nice present to their kids. And they are the ones who sell consoles. Sure the Wii U will never sell as much as the Wii did. Obviously. But that’s not the point anyway. Have you ever seen a Nintendo game selling for five bucks? Go to amazon or gamestop or whatever and check on Super Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess. They stillr etail for more than some games from 2013 on the PS3. Ever wondered why that is? I tell you why, it’s the same reason Nintendo doesn’t give a rats ass aboutthe used games market: Nintendo products have legs. Last month I watched somebody buy a Wii U with Super Mario Galaxy for his kid. The  guy knew nothing about gaming. He didn’t care. ALl he knew was that he loved Mario as a kid so his kid will probably love Mario. So he got hm a Mario Wii U Bundle plus Mario Galaxy since the back of the box of the system told him he can play Wii games with the console. That’s how you keep a franchise alive. A name going. People paying 30 bucks for a new game that is 6 years old. Not 15 bucks for a used  game that is 6 months old. Nintendo products have legs. They continue to sell okay years after they launched.

The biggest problem Nintendo has is marketing – they have no clue how to market their products. They simply don’t. But the rest will even out eventually. The world does not care bout you hardocre gamzer, they don’t care about you fanboys. You are unimportant and neglectable. I see it every time I read your forum posts or twitter messages. You scream when The Last of Us does not win game of the year. I like the game but it didn’t deserve game of the year. It is that simple. Nintendo should not go anywhere. Without them gaming would be much worse than it already is because people like you ruined it. And you deserve what you get – all of you. And us kiddies, noobs, casuals or fucktards or whatever names you have for people like me – people that just like to play a nice game every once in a while – we continue to laugh about you people crying like the little children you are. Nintendo is here to stay, deal with it.

Here is the promised list of brilliant Wii U games you should own, in no particular order:

1st Party and exclusives:

  • The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker HD
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Pikmin 3
  • The Wonderful 101
  • Zombi U
  • Nintendoland
  • Game and Wario
  • Lego City Undercover
  • Sonic Lost World
  • New Super Mario Bros U

3rd Party and Multiplatofrm releases (including WELL MADE ports)

  • Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted U
  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes
  • Injustice – Gods among us
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited

eShop games not available via retail (includes exclusives)

  • Nano Assault Neo
  • Trine 2
  • Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition (and it’s sequel)
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Toki Tori 2
  • Duck Tales Remastered
  • TNT Racers Nitro Machines Edition
  • NES Remix
  • Dr. Luigi
  • Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams
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