Missing the Point: What it takes to fix The Amazing Spider-Man (The Comic and The Movie)

I already did one of these a while back (you can check it out here) and since they are shooting the sequel now, I figured I will doe one of the Amazing Spider-Man. So here is my take what needs to be done to make it a better film:

First off, I liked the film. It had its flaws, but it was not bad overall. The thing is, it could easily be better if Sony would just get their heads out of their asses and release an extended cut. Here is what they would need to change:

  • Re-insert the Lizard mid transformation scene. There was a scene where Dr. Connors is in the sewers contemplating and then the lizard persona slowly takes over. Put that back in, it is great!
  • Re-insert the Connors with his son scene. Because it is also great.
  • Re-insert the death of Dr. Ratha scene. There is a scene where Dr. Ratha confronts Lizard in the sewers. Ratha then gets killed by Connors. Put that one back in. We never learned what happened to Ratha in the theatrical cut and it is a crucial scene. It also features more labcoat on Lizard which is always a plus.

And now after the re-insertions we go to what needs to be cut:

  • Cut the overly kitschy and riddiculous crane scene. Okay I get it the crane guy wants to help Spider-Man. But the cranes that conviniently line up to Oscorp tower and the cop that stops traffic for Spidey, those things are just dumb. So cut them. Let the crane guy help Spidey and then have Spidey just swing to the tower. Cut the guys in the other cranes, the scene where we see the cranes moving and the scene where the cop stops traffic. Not only would it be less kitschy it would also make the scene more powerful since it shows us now that Spidey is capable all by himself not just because others help him.
  • Cut down the highschool drama. Yeah I get it its a highschol drama. Just cut a few minutes here and there is all I ask for. 
  • Cut the last Scene in the school. You know the one: Where Peter tells Gwen that he does not intend to keep his promise to her dad. It is a dumb scene and they pick the promise plot back up in the sequel so just cut it here and all is well.
  • Replace the Soundtrack. Because the Soundtrack really sucks. I give you that it is expensive to do so, okay, then at least replace the soundtrack during the lizard fight in the school. Because happy jingle sounds while fighting a deadly creature just plain sucks. Or leave the Soundtrack off in that scene. Not only would it make the fight much more brutal, it would also make the brilliant Stan Lee (who is always brilliant no matter what) scene even funier! How come nobody gets a Spider-Man soundtrack right?

And that’s that for the film. And now how to fix Spider-Man as a comic:

Have a great Peter Parker Story. The End.

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1 Response to Missing the Point: What it takes to fix The Amazing Spider-Man (The Comic and The Movie)

  1. Bryan Franco says:

    Stfu the crane scene was great so was the soundtrack it was epic the soundtrack is wat really gave the movie u know tht feeling so stfu

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