A discussion worth having

At a certain gaming forum, there was a discussion I had with fellow readers. And there came a point when I once again said that I think Nintendo should do VC gaes in Widescreen and HD if possible (Mario Sunshine comes to mind) because it would NOT be hard to do. And then somebody asked me why companies should. back in the old days, we had one game and a console and we were lucky if we got multiplatform releases. A good point. But here is my response:

Times change. When I was a kid, ther were no cellphones, now people demand internet (which didnt exist back then either) on their phones and the ability to watch movies in HD (HD didnt exist either, we had VHS) and thats fine. So why shouldnt videogames change? Why should we accept to be screwed over by videogames again and again when we have other companies that offer other services try to cater to us?

It is a good thing we can demand and HD virtual console. Take Resident Evil 4. First, you got the GameCube game. Then, if you wanted the new features, you HAD to buy the PS2 version. If you wanted the update with slightly improved graphics and better cntrols, you HAD to buy the Wii Version. And if you wanted HD; you HAD to buy the PS3/360 version. So you payed for the same game 4 times.
Is it REALLY too much to ask that companies accept that we DONT buy the same game multiple times? How hard can it be to have a gamer account that registers your games and if there is an update available, you get it for free OR AT LEAST PAY LESS if you already own the game.

Think of it: You own Megaman 3 for Wii Virtual console. Now, the game gets released on 3DS. So you need to buy it again. But if you had it connected, you could re-download it for free because you already paid for it on Wii. You should also be able to have it on you WiiU, not in the dreaded Wii mode though, but on your WiiU mode. Why? Because you PAID FOR THE GAME. It works with movies. I bought a blu ray and can watch that on my TV. Nowadays, most blurays come with digital copy and dvd, so that I can put the dvd into a portable dvd player, give it to my mom or watch it at a friends house who does not have a bluray player. Also, I have a digital copy that I can put on my tablet or phone. And this is a good thing.

Game companies screw us over big time. They demand us to pay up to 70 bucks for a game (and that is moderate, compared to Australia) for which we basically are BETA TESTERS because modern games ship not when they are done, but when most profit can be made. So you have to live with a buggy piece of software which will, IF YOU ARE LUCKY AND THE GAME SOLD, be patched later. Or maybe never. But you paid 70 bucks. Then you get DLC and whatnot that was already on the disc, already in the game and the developers just chose to lock that portion of the game so you have to pay more. And then six months later, there is the game of the year edition for another 60 bucks that has all the patches and DLC on the disc, but features a new EXCLUSIVE MISSION so that you have AGAIN pay full price.

How can you NOT feel screwed over?

So please excuse me when I demand Nintendo relases their N64 and GC games in Widescreen HD if possible (which it is most of the time) because If I have to pay for the Wind Waker again, I would at least prefer to get an experience I don’t get on my cube. Or else, I will just hook up my cube or in that case, an Emulator, which allows me to play the game I ALREADY PAID FOR in widescreen.

Final point: If game publishers want less of a used games market, perhaps they should focus on releasing complete games to a reasonable price instead of incomplete buggy beta versions for 70 bucks. And if Nintendo seriously wants me to buy a WiiU, they should provide features I am actually interested in. The gamepad is nice. But GameCube WideScreen HD releases would be an added bonus and a definitive system seller in the case of Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker. Just sayan.

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