Amazing Spider-Man #700 REVIEW (Spoilers)

So I have read the issue twice by now. I also read the avenging Spider-Man #15.1 to see where we go from here. And this is a spoilerific review. You have been warned!

ASM #700 tells the story of Peters struggle to survive long enough inside Doc Ocks body to transfer his brain back into his body. As you migth remember, in ASM 698 it was revealed that Ock switched bodies with Peter. In 699 Pock brocke out from prison and in 700 he switches bodies back.

Except he doesn’t. You see, Peterpuss took precautions so that this could not happen. The result was Peter transfering everything in his brain back to his body, except his soul. Ock then experienced Peters life from Peters point of view and realized what a great man Peter was so he decides to continue being Spider-Man, just better, right before Peter dies. And then Peter dies and Doc Ock becomes the Surperior Spider-Man.

If that soudns dumb to you, well that is because it is. Back in the 90ies we had Ben Reilly be Spider-Man. That was a MUCH BETTER IDEA than this one, and it still did not work. Over in the Ultimate Universe we have Miles Morales being Spider-Man, which is a dumb idea to begin with but still better than this one.

My main problem with this storyline is teh same I had with the Death of ultimate Spider-Man, namely that Peter Parker died.

You see, during the Clone Saga, Peter was alive and living a happy life with Mary Jane in Portland. That was a good decision. First, we got to see him every now and then. Second, if we wanted some Peter as Spider-Man action, we could get it. Third, it was easy bringing Peter back as Spider-Man, since all he had to do is put on the suit and go at it. And as it turned out, that’s exactly what happened when they brought him back as Spider-Man at the end of the Clone Saga.

Now, I know that Peter will return to be Spider-Man in the classic Marvel Universe. Because when sales fall, he will be brought back in an overly convoluted way. Too bad Slott showed him in heaven, a boring heaven with all his loved ones nontheless, but heaven. (Why is heaven so boring? If heaven is my personal paradise, last thing I want to see are my relatives. I want it to look like a mix between TRON Legacy and Hyrule, with a Playboy Mansion and the biggest TV in the history of mankind.) So when they bring Pete back, imagine how frustratedhe is being back HERE when he was in heaven. Remember Buffy, Season 6? Yeah…

Now, not everything is bad. The story, while bad, was well paced and nicely written, with some cool setups, nice payoffs and solid dialogue. The art was solid, and I am not a fan of Ramos’ artwork, but it was good here. But still, a bad story is a bad story. Actually, it was not that bad, it was good until the brainswap failed. The reasoning behind this pas probably not a decision Slott made, but was decided by the higher ups to shake things up because shakeups =sales. Like Miles Morales in Ultimate (I know Bendis said it was his idea, but i find that to be highly unbelievable because he set so many plot points up for Peter. Why do that when you know you kill him? Either because you never planned on killing him or you arejust a pathetic excuse for a writer. And Bendis may be a horrible plotter, but he is a good writer) this new “Surperior” Spider-Man is just a gimmick, and will quickly be forgotten.

So what is my final verdict? Well, go buy the Issue, it will become a collectors item. Is it any good? Yes, the first two thirds are very good (minus that heaven thingy, that was horrible) and the backup material is okay. But overall, the ending just sucks. Like I did with One More Day, I will stop reading Spider-Man until this Shitfest is over (Ironically, I got back to Spider-Man with #600, the Issue where Slott claimed the entire idea originated) which will rpboably be by the time the next movie comes out.

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