Next “Smash Brothers” Idea Comunity

Smash Bros. ‘Nuff said. Here is how this works: I write down my ideas for the new smash bros game. You comment. I’ll add your ideas to this topic. You share, so that more people pitch in their ideas. Easy as Stiffler’s mom. Here we go:


  • Simon Belmont – A classic Character from the Castlevania Series. Who does not want that? Konami pitched in Snake last time, they should allow Simon to be in this time, especially with Mirror of Fate coming out for 3DS.
    Simon would be a mid range character similar to Link in terms of speed and power, since he is also gadget based. His stage should be a classic Castlevania stage, like Clock Tower or Entrance Hall (even though clock Tower would have more stage hazard) or maybe the dungeon.
    Stage music should include”Vampire Killer” “Bloody Tears” “Theme of Simon” and “Wicked Child”. At least two helper trophies should be included: Trevor and Christopher (who gets too little love anyways).
    His outfits should be the classic brown one with the leather armor. Skin changes include Red Armor from Castlevania II, Grey Armor from Super Castlevania 4 and a Black Armor for added coolness.All four Color Schemes of Simon Belmont
    A – Whip Attacks
    B – Knife Throw
    Up B – Whip Swing
    Down B – Holy Water
    Left/Right B – Axe
    Smash Ball – Holy Cross (Symphony of the Night Styled Item Crash)


  • Termina Field – A stage from Majora’s Mask. The moon is collapsing over the stage. The idea here is it to adjust the moon collapsing to the timer you set for the round, so that the moon is always the ender of the round. In the end, everybody dies anyway, so that even the perfect players die at least once. This should even out the score and pose a threat at the same time.

So, post your ideas in the comments and let’s seehow far we can get with this^^

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