Estopolus – Requiem of Spirits PART I Released!

And without further ado, here is the download link: DONWLOAD HERE! The game is a fantasy JRPG in the good old 16bit style. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Estopolus – Requiem of Spirits PART I Released!

  1. Ok, im stuck went exploring the south a bit before heading to the desert, and received a special item/weapon.But now i can get out of the ledge no matter what i do… and i dont want to resart the game again, since i spent 8h+ getting alot of gold so i could decently equip the pt members… here’s the screens of the area.

  2. Ezekiel Rage says:

    press the a button^^

  3. Problems says:

    A few errors I found. After getting to the desert. Before getting the special lantern I went south. The clues were damn obvious. So I passed through the south desert maze. I got to the next town but I immediately guessed it was wrong of me to be there so I returned (manually) to the previous place (oasis town with water problem). However I noticed something at that point. The town where the old man joins us (near the beginning) and the town where we meet the masked man who kicks our buts has been glitched. If we go to the town where we met the old man (hero’s master) he joins us again. And if we go to the castle town where we first met the masked man he appears agin to kickj our buts and then the game freezes. Another problem is the fact that there is no proper clues/explanation as to what to do next from the oasis town onwards. Color coding words is not a good way to clue in people as to what to do next. I’ve saved the oasis town. Discovered the undead town was undead. Found Ezekiel. Found the dead demon. Learned what happened to the people of the undead town. Got the undead town key. Now what? Where do I use the key? How do I get north? There is no clue whatsoever. Please tell me what to do next. My advice: You really need to work on the script again. And I’m not saying this to spite you. The game has potential. It just needs fine tuning.

    • Problems says:

      Furthermore in many parts of the game the directions are messed up. You say go west when we should be going south-west. Please revise the directions.

  4. jarib says:

    Where can i find the Arteria Region?
    please comment the exact region of amelia thx

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