A word of advice

Some of you may wonder where your comments are. Well, I deleted them. And here is why:  If you can’t be bothered refusing to write insults and namecalling, I can’t be bothered giving a damn. This is my blog, and even though I appreciate everyones opinion, I want your comment to stay clean. You can drop f-bombs as much as you like on your blog, but not here. If you have something to say, say it with the same respect you want me to give you.

I delete only comments that are insulting me. I don’t delete comments because they donÄt share my opinion. I encourage debate. As long as it is civilized.

So please refrain from calling me or anyone else on this blog names or throwing around insults. Everyone who does not conform to those rules will be spamblocked.

With that being said, thanx for visiting.

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