Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D.

So the Joss has a new show, and we are excited. Here is what we know so far from all the little comments and tidbits we heard…

  1. It will star Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
  2. It will not star the guys from the ITEM 47 short
  3. Summer Glau is interested
  4. It will feature a lot of Original characters
  5. It will be a Police procedural drama
  6. There MIGHT be some hero cameos, but probably not from already existing movies
  7. It airs on ABC

So with what we know, there is only ONE logical conclusion: This show will be a prequel to Avengers, probably tying up some lose ends we hae with Marvel Phase One while opening up some new content for Phase Two. That is evident with the inclusion of the dead Agent Coulson and Whedons statement that he will not do some magic hocuspokus to bring him back, aswell as the non inclusion of the Item 47 characters.

Furthermore, it would explain from the go why we don’t have any hero cameos. Iron Man has not happened or is not public knowledge yet, neither is Thor, Cap is still frozen in Ice and Bruce Banner is still on the run. That solves pretty much every non-cameo there is. Also, the show could easily stand on its own merits.

Sicne this show is on ABC and NOT FOX (thank you, Marvel) we actually have a chance at getting more than one season this time. Now, what else is on ABC that is a police procedural drama, stars one of Joss’ longtime actors and ends its run this year? Castle! So we MIGHT even get a chance of snagging Nathan Fillion for a role – wishful thinking, but possible.

I really hope we can get a few Firefly casters back and add a few Dollhouse people. Enver Gjokaj played a cop in the Avengers, he could easily play a cop on the Show, a NYPD officer who is a contact to SHIELD. Tahmoh Penikett already did the FBI schtick in Dollhouse, so he would be a great addition to the cast. Then we have Morena Baccarin who is destined to play Daisy Johnson. I mean look at her! Alan Tudyk can play anything so we need him, and I am sure we have a nice role for Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin somewhere. We also need more color, so just add Ron Glass and Gina Torres in there. And why don’t we cast Tony Head somewhere? Okay, fanboy alert, lets scale it back to the facts.

So probably next september we get Joss Whedons S.H.I.E.L.D. (Or is that MARVEL’s S.H.I.E.L.D.?) with Clark Gregg set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe BEFORE the Events of Avengers. And with a little luck, we get to see a few old friends again^^

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