Marketing and the big 3

There is a new Halo 4 comercial out, by David Fincher. Halo 4 is in the news everywhere. Yes, Microsoft really knows what marketing means, and they fully embrace it. Sometimes. And the other two? Sony? Nintendo? Hello?

One could argue that with so many systems sold, Nintendo does not need better marketing. I beg to differ. Systems alon don’t attone for anything, if the games on that system do not sell. Halo sold three times that of what the Metroid Prime games sold. And I make the case that the Metroid Prime games are the better games. Some may aruge otherwise, but we can at least agree on that both franchises are good. So how come Halo outsold Metroid in every single aspect?

Marketing. it is that simple. Look at Ubisoft. The marketing behind Assassins Creed III is fantastic. I can’t wait to play that game. Meanwhile, nintendo releases a new console I couldn’t care less about. It is the marketing departments job to make me beleive I need that product. And I simply don’t.

It’s like Apple. They sell you the same overpriced underused toy every year for an even higher price, and you buy into it. Why? Marketing. Sony on the other hand once had marketing, but in the PS3/Vita era decided to stop marketing their products and copy Nintendo even more than they already did the last two decades.

It looks tomy untrained eye that only Microsoft knows how to market their products and games. And Ubisoft. E3 this and that, all said and done, Microsoft has the better marketing team than the other two, and it shows. Nintendo and Sony both need to step up their game (marketing) or else Microsoft will outdo them. It’s not just systems that sell, it’s games. Look at the sales figures for the big flagship titles. Every single time, Microsoft games outsell their competition. Not because their games are better, but because their marketing is…

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