Why Wii won’t buy U

Ever since the N64, I bought every Nintendo Console at launch. The N64, GBA, GameCube, GBASP, DS, Wii, DSLite (I did skip DSi and GBMicro) and the 3DS (I have two of those), all bought on day one. So why won’t I buy the WiiU at all?

The simple answer is: Because I don’t care anymore. But the long answer is much, MUCH more complex than that. And I want to explain it.

You see, I am sure that I will buy the console in a year or two. Definitely when the new Zelda arrives for it. Probably not before that though. I just see no reason why. For instance, NintendoTVii, a service I could see myself using, will not be available in my region. So I pay MORE (since the Euro is worht more than the USDollar) for LESS. Not gonna happen.

I also want a WHITE console with 32GB. But the 32 GB Model only come sin black with Nintendoland, a game I don’t care about at all. And the white model is overpriced at 300 Euros (roughly 390 USDollars) for a mere 8GB with no NintendoTVii or game. So the Bundles are complete and utter crap. Wasted opportunity. That sums up the entire console  in my opinion. And that comes from a livelong Nintendofan!

So I can play Wii games on this console? Well, I can do that on my Wii. The WiiU does NOT display Wii games in HD. NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER from the Wii. So why bother? I have my Wii softmodded to play Homebrew. No chance of ever playing MY OWN DAMN GAME on WiiU. Furthermore, I still can play GameCube games on my Wii. On WiiU? Not so much.

Sure there might be a Virtual Console, but good luck with that. nintendo screwed that one up aswell. I can’t buy StarFox Adventures or Eternal Darkness on the Virtual Console. I can’t buy Extreme G III or Second Sight on the Virtual Console ever, because of the same reasons we’ll never see Banjo Kazooie or Jet Force Gemini, the original GoldenEye or even Donkey Kong 64 for the Virtual Console. The N64 had HUNDRETS of games, and Nintendo has not managed to release the twenty best of them. Same goes for other VC games. So many good games exist, and so little of them get released through Nintendo. And the WiiU VC will not be any different.

I don’t care about online gaming, social experience or that crap. I care about single player games, lengthy adventures and COMPLETE gaming experiences. And what does Nintendo do? Miiverse, social here, online there. I don’t want that crap, I don’t need that crap and I refuse to pay so much cash for it.

Then there are the games themselves. Sure, we have New Super Mario Bros U, a game in a Series I dislike for the mere concept (and yes, I have played them before) and ZombiU, the only game that even REMOTELY interests me, even though I HATE DUAL ANALOG controls. But the rest? Assassins Creed III is a game I will play on my PS3, LIKE ALL THE OTHER ASSASSINS CREED GAMES. Darksiders 2? On my PS3, like part 1. Same goes for Arkham City. Bayonetta? I didn’t even like the first one, couldn’t care less about the sequel. Mass Effect 3? No Trilogy? Well done EA, way to sabotage yourself, morons. Why release a sequel to a game on this console if the original is NOT available on the same console? Nintendo once again missed the ball on this. If they would have told the developers to simply port the orginal as download or pack it on the retail disc or whatever, you would have system sellers. But no, nothing like that happened.

I am not a graphics whore, but the complete oversight of what will happen in two years is beyond amazing. I mean, we all know that a new PlayStation and a new X-Box will come. Not this year and not next year, but they will come. Sure, visually there will not be a leap as big as N64 to GameCube or PS2 to PS3, but it will be a leap, with Unreal Engine 4 and new shader models and the like. And then, the WiiU is once again old technology that just is not strong enough to handle the new games. The result will be a massive loss of new games becuase developers are not interested in once again making an extra version for a platform nobody uses anymore anyway.

A complete bunch of missed opportunities on Nintendos part. In case you were too lazy to read this article, here is a list of said missed opportunities Nintendo could have EASILY changed to make the console MUCH more relevant:

  • Display Wii games in HD
  • Include features that are available in ALL territories
  • Adapt prices in the Eurozone (390 USDollars for a white 8GB no game model is an insolence)
  • Make more well thought out bundles (white 32GB model, 8GB model with Nintendoland for casual gamers ect…)
  • Make first games for retail sequels available as download (Darksiders 1, Bayonetta 1 ect…)
  • Start with a strong VC and get better from there (Mario Sunshine to compensate for the lack of a real Mario at launch, Wind Waker, ect)
  • Display GameCube VC games in HD
  • Allow for a Wii VC
  • Allow users to use their 3DS as second controler

All those things are not that expensive and not that complicated to do. Yet Nintendo blatantly refused to do them because they think we don’t care about that. Well, we DO CARE about those things, Nintendo.

Sooner or later most people will get a WiiU. I know I will. But I will buy my WiiU USED, for cheap on eBay or GameStop, simply because I refuse to pay more to get less features…

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  1. jack says:

    damn straight!

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