Comics! is the website where you can read a bunch of superhero comics for free. No registration, just go there and read. We update M/W/F! And if you need more explanation as to why and what, hit the jump!

I started writing comics when I was a kid. Back then it was nothing more but crap of course, but by the age of 13 I developed a keen sense of storytelling. Most ideas I had back then still hold up today, so all I had to do when writing the comics you can read on the website was to take what worked and throw away the crap and then make it work. And man, I had a good time writing those things.

Over the years, a LOT of comics/TV Shows/Movies came out that featured the same “new” and “revolutionary” ideas I already dreamed up fifteen years ago. Imagine my anger when Brian Bendis did in Ultimate Spider-Man’s Venom arc exactly the same thing with Venom as I did in the original draft of Nightfighter with the main character.
Imagine my desperation when people were making money of the same ideas I had, but was not born in the country or family where those ideas would mean anything.

On the other hand, I was proud of my ideas, because obviously they were good, other people made money from the same ideas. Over the years I grew frustrated but also happy, because it helped me push the boundaries of my writing, what I thought was possible. And now, I am at a point where I can say that the new versions of my old stories are A LOT better than the old versions. Do I fear people call me a ripoff for treading ground others already did? Sure. Will I take this personally? No, of course not. They did not steal my ideas. They just happened to have the same idea a few years after me. Happens.

In the end, the comics are here now. Not only are they the way I imagined them to be fifteen years ago, they are even better. Better drawn, better written, with a coherent vision and a well structured storyline. I am glad that it came the way it came.

So hop over to and start readin those books!

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