News from the front

how’s it goin? I know, I have been quite quiet those alst few weeks but there is a good reason for this, and I am here to tell you about it.

You may or may not know that I am a creative person and as such, I am always working on something. And now, I have not only a new project but also some finished old projects to talk about. So let’s get right started, shall we?

First, my old projects: The Prophecy and Estopolus. Two games set in the same fantasy universe. One is a Castlevania clone, the other one is a sprite based JRPG. For the Prophecy, I still need a new coder. i am looking for one on GBA temp and Wiibrew, but I need one to fnish the game. Most parts are done, soundtrack is done, most SFX are done, levels are mostly done (may need a few tweaks) and so forth, so the new coder has not a lot of things to do, but I still need one. I hope to find one and complete the game this year still, but it all depends on me finding a coder^^
Estopolus is alive and well, and has been worked on a lot. Furthermore, I realized that I have too much story to tell, to much backstory and way too much characters, so I decided to split the game up. I will first release the first half of the finished game. This will probably be done before the end of the year. Then I will release a prequel to that game called “Bahamut – Between Light and Shadow” which is also a JRPG but much different from Estopolus (More Zelda/Metroid, less RPG) and will feature the backstory of some characters that are important in the second half of Estopolus, which will HOPEFULLY be released next year. Unfortunately, due to a new system update on Estopolus, you can’t use your old saves anymore, but since I revamped the old dungeons a little and made things smoother, it is probably a good idea to replay those anyway^^

Now, for the upcoming projects: I am currently writing three webcomics for my very own comic page. It will open early october and feature adult superhero comics. Adult means violence, some drug abuse and minor nudity, but NO SEX OR PR0N! Not that I have something against that, but those are character driven superhero stories, not fan service oriented brawls. The idea and overall plot of the entire comic universe (which will be one unified universe) is already almost 15 years old. I started dreaming those things up when I was 13 to 15 and all I did now was re-reading it, keeping what is good and reworking the rest into one unified and smooth package. I will be joined by deviantArtists HeroPill and Wuxy and the pages so far have been amazingly great. Look forward to that one!
Since I have finished my Brothers Grym webseries on YouTube, the Spike show starts again next week. But I will just talk about this blog post here anyway. I am working on a few new video projects, so keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for more of that.
I also have finished a decade long musical project. It is basically the final act in the first decade of my musical career. I worked on this for a VERY LONG TIME. Every beat, every note every effect was set to perfection, no compromise, just 100% purely what I want. I will reveal it soon, and I hope you like it as it is very close to my heart.

With that said, the rest of the year is going to be great and I hope to see you all soon. Stay dark my friends^^

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