Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, Lords of Shadow 2

So just because I had a Castlevania article last week does not mean i won’t talk about those two games, so head after the jump to check out some facts, rumors and ideas, will ya?

So let us begin with what we BELIEVE TO KNOW so far:

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

  • Nearly a 1.5 year development cycle.
  • Stars two different playable characters.
  • Features co-operative play with the prospect of 3DS and Wii U being able to interact with each other.
  • The game is indeed a 2D Castlevania experience.
  • Like mentioned in the rumor PGN received back in 2010, the goal was to find creative ways to utilize the 3DS’ cameras and this has been achieved in part due to the very name of the game, “Mirror of Fate”.
  • The forward facing camera will act as a mirror and the outward facing cameras will come into play for a new puzzle solving mechanic.
  • A Wii U version of the same game was in contention when I reported the “shocker” announcement in 2011, but has since become Konami’s decision to give the system one Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 (not exclusively, however, as other platforms will too see a release, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita).
  • More interestingly perhaps, was the idea that Mirror of Fate on Wii U would be the same game as its 3DS brother, treat the U-Control as the 3DS’ bottom screen and your TV as the 3DS’ top screen, be able to play the game across both platforms, use the Wii U’s forward facing camera as a mirror to “capture your reflection and reveal your fate”, and so on.
  • Instead, Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 on Wii U will be a different game which was safer for Konami, since it could 1) be an upgraded port of the Xbox 360/PS3 build and 2) still be able to retain some of its originally intended plans when it was Mirror of Fate, including some 3DS connectivity.
  • The development of Wii U’s own ground-up Castlevania SKU could still happen, I’m being told.

So now, let us examine this points, shall we? Well, 1.5 years does not seem long, but considering the game is 2D, it is good enough I guess. Now we have to wonder, is it classic 2D or is it Dracula X Chronicles 2D? Ipersonally would love to see a more refined 2D experience like the Spider-Man games for DS, where it is really 3D but with 2D gameplay, camera moving through the level, fast paced action gameplay where the character also runs in curves. Check out Ultimate Spider-Man for DS to understand what I mean.
Also, I believe that this game would benefit from being similar to Lords of Shadow in terms of combat, but add more metroidvania elements to it. Maybe being stage based but have some upgrades, power ups and a lot of platforming perhaps. Also, the Lords of Shadows visual style would suit the 2D game well and the 3DS can pull it off. Don’t believe me? Check out Resident Evil Revelations…

I am not a fan of co-op play, so I hope this feature is optional and that we can switch between the two characters in single player mode, like in the fantastic portrait of ruin. I am also not sure about the camera thingy, but perhaps they will serve as a mirror to the gameplay experience. I imagine your face in a picture in real time, showing your reaction to what you play there. I also imagine the camera being used the check facial recognition to adjust the game difficulty or maybe even paste your face as skin on the current player. It could also be used as marker on the multiplayer map whereever the other player is, similar to the faces over the Arwings in Starfox 3D.

Now for Lords of Shadows 2, I am looking forward to that. I am glad that the Wii U will recieve a port of the PS3 version, because then I can decide which version to buy simply for the elegance of play alone. I loved the PS3 version, so if the Wii U version does not bring anything new to the table, I’ll stick with the PS3 one. The fact that they obviously plan to incoorporate old Mirror of Fate ideas into the Wii U version has me intrigued for the following reasons:

  1. Mirrors of Fate will now obviously be based in the new LOS timeline. SO rumors that state it will be an IGA game are far fetched. I highly doubt IGA is involved.
  2. Rumors that Mirrors of Fate is a prequel to LOS2 but a sequel to LOS make sense. If the interaction with the 3DS is well done, it could GREATLY enhance the experience.
  3. If the engine for the Wii U is already set up with this, an exclusive Castlevania is very likely. I imagine they learn a lot about the system and get great ideas how to use their ideas for the new controler, so I dare to say a Wii U exclusive Castlevania in the future will happen.
  4. Rumor has it that Alucard and Trevor will be the two playable characters, making Mirrors of Fate basically a reboot of Castlevania 3. So I fully expect Grant and Sypha to make appearances throughout the game.
  5. Nintendo is all about connectivity these days, so I imagine a creative way to upgrade your Wii U character with powerups from the 3DS version.

All in all, this E3 will prove to be a great one. I am looking forward to it greatly. Also, I predict a Mirror of Fate release date of later this year, probably september or october and Lords of Shadow 2 next year.

Good hunting!

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