Quick Estopolus Update!

I have released a quick update for Estopolus. There is new content! The game is now a little bit prettier. Also, I managed to fix a few bugs. However, save files from the previous version don’t work anymore. This is due to new scripts. Save files from this version will work in the next though!

Get the update here:Β http://www.ezekiel-rage.com/files/ROS0.2.zip

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31 Responses to Quick Estopolus Update!

  1. eSemmel says:

    Looks pretty, though I wonder is this really playable? When I start up the game, there is no music. I’m standing at a healing spring of some kind with no context whatsoever. I can only go one screen down, all exits are blocked off and the only enemy I can fight consists of three plants. If I choose to attack, one of them kills me instantly. If I choose to defend, two of them kill me. All other options are empty… Am I missing something?

  2. ezekielrage says:

    Uh oh, big mistake on my part. A bug sets the player to a wrong starting position. Thanx for telling me, I will update this ASAP! Expect an update later today!

    Edit: Fixed. Same Link! Thanx again πŸ™‚

    • eSemmel says:

      Don’t mention it… Okay, sorry. Next problem. Inside the volcano when I talk to a certain fiery guy, I get the error message “Unable to find file Graphics/Faces/Monster”, then the game is shut down.

  3. ezekielrage says:

    I’ll fix that. In the meantime, use this: http://i444.photobucket.com/albums/qq168/grandmadeb_rmvx/VXMonsters3.png
    It is not the real graphic, but if you save it in the folder mentioned above as Monster.png it should work!

  4. eSemmel says:

    Okay, that worked, thanks. Is this the end of the demo for now?

  5. ezekielrage says:

    Not in the slightest! The demo ends much, MUCH later!

  6. eSemmel says:

    Okay, I’ve searched every nook and cranny of this Benhaly shrine at least three times, but I can’t seem to find a way to the second switch. Everything is blocked off. I know where it is. I’ve seen it from two angles, but unless there’s a way to blast through walls it’s no go.

  7. ezekielrage says:

    there are three switches. and not all staircases lead to the right place. i reccomend on trying down left and up right^^

  8. eSemmel says:

    I hope I don’t spoil too much here…

    Down left leads to a dead end though. There’s one of these blocks that only move in one direction, and it won’t budge from the one direction I can get at it. Up right leads me further and further up until I’m in front of a locked door with a lever on the other side that I can’t get to. The only way out there is the warp stone.

  9. ezekielrage says:

    thats because down left is not a dead end πŸ˜‰

  10. eSemmel says:

    Well, if you say so. The block won’t move, there’s nothing hidden behind any of the pillars, no false walls I could find… If the end isn’t dead, it seems to be at the very least terminally ill.

    • ezekielrage says:

      There is no movable block in Benhaly Shrine. There is a very easy to spot blue switch you step on you are missing. Entrance, down left, first floor, up, staircase, second floor, up, right, staircase and you are right at the blue switch that opens the door to the lever in the fourth floor πŸ˜‰

      • eSemmel says:

        The block is there. On the second floor in the narrow passage right by the stairs I came from. I can’t get past it, so I can’t get down to the switch.

      • ezekielrage says:

        can you make me a screenshot of that? because i havent placed a block anywhere in the entire temple?

  11. eSemmel says:

    There are actually several blocks placed in strategic locations. Most of them I can pass by though. Sure, if I know where to send them, I can make you screenshots. I don’t have any webspace to post them online.

    • ezekielrage says:

      use imageshack or send them to ezekiel-rage at hotmail dot com πŸ˜‰

    • ezekielrage says:

      Got your mail, thanx for the time you took for these. I checked everything and realized that you are so right and i am so wrong, it hurts. Sorry for that. You will find an update on my server, just re-download the file. I removed some old obsolete blocks and re-edited those that stayed, making it possible now to complete the dungeon. And in case you are wondering, teh demo ends at a certain plot point by returning you to the title screen, so once that happens you know you are through^^

  12. Problems says:

    A few errors I found. After getting to the desert. Before getting the special lantern I went south. The clues were damn obvious. So I passed through the south desert maze. I got to the next town but I immediately guessed it was wrong of me to be there so I returned (manually) to the previous place (oasis town with water problem). However I noticed something at that point. The town where the old man joins us (near the beginning) and the town where we meet the masked man who kicks our buts has been glitched. If we go to the town where we met the old man (hero’s master) he joins us again. And if we go to the castle town where we first met the masked man he appears agin to kickj our buts and then the game freezes. Another problem is the fact that there is no proper clues/explanation as to what to do next from the oasis town onwards. Color coding words is not a good way to clue in people as to what to do next. I’ve saved the oasis town. Discovered the undead town was undead. Found Ezekiel. Found the dead demon. Learned what happened to the people of the undead town. Got the undead town key. Now what? Where do I use the key? How do I get north? There is no clue whatsoever. Please tell me what to do next. My advice: You really need to work on the script again. And I’m not saying this to spite you. The game has potential. It just needs fine tuning. Plus you need to revise the directions. Be more specific. South-west instead of west. West means left of screen. And if the path is to first head west then south then cross a mountain pass to the east you need to say so. You have no idea just how problematic that was.

  13. Ezekiel Rage says:

    Okay that was hard to read, but I got it. Perhaps for longer texts like this you might want to add in a paragraph every now and then πŸ™‚

    As for the tips, thank you, VERY MUCH appreciated! I am saving all that infor to fix the issues with patches to make the game better. so this really helps me a lot! Thanks for taking the time to write all of this down.

    You can’t save Ezekiel without the Dead Town Key. Once you have the kea go north west where a locked door can now be opened. You can find Ezekiel there and defeat a boss. After you did that, You are instructed to the next quest. That’s what the Questlog is for^^

    Go north to the area you started in. There is a village to the far east of the northern region, it is hidden so you couldn’t see it before you got the green pearl. Go to that village and explore a little, you will find your way from there πŸ™‚

    If you run into any more problems don’t hesitate to tell me, I am glad for all the criticism I get πŸ™‚

  14. Problems says:

    I am using that file EstoROS2.0.zip that I downloaded from rpgmaker.net and strangely enough I managed to get to Ezekiel without the key.
    I found the hidden village and have gone into the dark house with the hidden switch. Teh only thing in the underground are legionnaires. I can’t find anything else. How do I open the doors in that place?

  15. Ezekiel Rage says:

    push the broken pillars to where they should be. there’s two of them. after that, press the hidden switch on the tombstones.

    • Problems says:

      Ok thanks. But you really need to give some clues for this kind of stuff. It was easier in the earlier dungeons with the riddles telling what to do.

  16. jarib says:

    Ezekiel where can i find the arteria region please guide me…. thx πŸ™‚

  17. jarib says:

    im done talked to all people in there i didn’t see the malina to that town or maybe got bug on my game… πŸ™‚ please give me some link have a no bug downloads

  18. jarib says:

    Ezekiel i have a another problem i can’t find other switch but i all ready see the first switch can u tell me where can i find the other switch please O:-)

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