Epic Religion Discussion

There is a VERY LARGE picture of a VERY LONG religious discussion I had with a few people on facebook after the jump. Thankfully, MOST of us stayed calm and argumented without the need for calling names. MOST of us…

The Discussion lasted a while and ended in A SECOND THREAD on my wall. I have FUSED the threads for your better understanding. Note how the religious fraction has neither arguments nor logic and disregards facts at any given time the same way they contradict each other. Have a good read:

In the end, she DID went to the bike thing where she made a few nice pictures of her and her boyfriend.

The two of them seem like nice guys besides their delusions though and I hope they had a wonderful evening^^

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2 Responses to Epic Religion Discussion

  1. Celery says:

    I don’t understand. You have disproven none of their statements while you took everything that they said literally.

    • ezekielrage says:

      I donÄt have to disprove anything. I took their statements literally to show them how riddiculous they are. Talking snakes and such. We Atheists don’t have to prove anything as long as theists don’t have to prove anything. Except that we CAN prove stuff while they can’t.

      But that is NOT the point of this. The point is to use simple logic to take their argument and dismantle it. Taking it literally is a step in this, because they take the bible literal, something that is even more ludricous than believing in it.

      The bible was NOT written by god, or Jesus. It was written by hundrets of different men that lived thousands of years and miles apart. And it counters itself out quite nicely because of that, so if you take it literal, you basically have to do opposing things all the way…

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