The return of 2D gaming

Ever since the N64, 3D games prospered. One may argue that the 3D era started with the PSOne but let’s be real: Before Super Mario 64, 3D games were kinda strange. And since those days, the art of 2D games grew less and less. Until now…

With downloadable games for consoles, tablets and handhelds, 2D gaming has its thunderous comeback. Shantae, Mutant Mudds, New Super Mario Bros, Megaman and much more…

A few famous titles brought back 2D gaming, and thankfully, its here to stay. While some may argue that 3D is the evolution of 2D, I say that both need to coexist, simply because 2D games deliver an experience no 3D game can ever deliver. Sometimes less is more. Compare 2D Mario to 3D Mario. I love me some Mario 64 or Galaxy, but let’s face it, It is Super Mario Bros 3 where it’s at. Same goes for Zelda. Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword are good games, but comeon, A Link to the Past is THE definition of Zelda.

And things return. Imagine Four Swords Adventures for Wii U. Imagine a new Megaman X title. Get out there and play some oldschool JRPG 2D games. Download Shantae from the Nintendo eShop. Castlevania is available on all Systems. New Super Mario Bros is amazing, so is the unbelievably spectacular Rayman Origins. Oh and there is Mutant Mudds. Get Mutant Mudds. And Cave Story while you are at it. Super Metroid anyone? And a bazillion other brilliant 2D games out there. 2D is back, as strong as it has ever been, and because of 3D gaming, it is even better. In 1992 you HAD to play a 2D game. But now, you CAN play a 2D game because YOU have the choice. And that is a good choice…

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1 Response to The return of 2D gaming

  1. owen says:

    Kliffy B did say at one point that the only thing you can do in 3d is shoot stuff and he maybe right 😦

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