My take: The Legend of Zelda WiiU/3DS

We all know Nintendo is at work creating more Zelda games. That is as obvious as water is wet. But that is all we know. And today, I would like to present MY concept for a Zelda game, preferably on WiiU or 3DS. Get ready!

By now we know that there are three Zelda Lineages within the Canon: Classic, Child and Adult. And my game would use all of them.
Some unknown evil rears its ugly head in Hyrule. In ALL Hyrules of ALL THREE lines. And some being was summoned to aid Link to defeat it. So far so good. But here is the catch:

You play three Link’s in three timelines with three different levels of technology and three different skillsets with three visual styles.
The Links cannot really interact with each other, since they are seperated in different universes, but their avatar can interact with them. And with that, they have to solve puzzles. To doso, they use a bag that is firmly located on the second screen of the system. This bag has the ability to work between the worlds: Whatever is inside can be used by ALL THREE Links.

So let’s say Classic Timeline Link, technologically the LEAST advanced, needs the bow to advance. So you switch to the other Links and look for it and Adult Timeline Link finds it. He puts it into the bag for classic Link to use. You advance with classic Link and find bombs, exactly the item Child Timeline Link needs. And with the bombs, he can advance to find the boomerang Adult Timeline Link so desperately needs.

You could even cross this with keys. Adult Timeline Link ran out of Keys, but Child Timeline Link as plenty of them. Need a bottle? Well, put some broken glass into the bag, and Adult Timeline Link has the technology to create a new one from the shards.

This system would allow for so many complex and fun puzzles. Furthermore, Nintendo could emphazise the various technological aspects. The Adult Timeline is technologically far more advanced than the other two. They use trains, some early versions of cars, guns, electricity. The Classic Timeline is the least advanced, as they have been riddled with war and destruction, but they have magic, which allows for teleportation and spells. The Child Timeline is somewhere in between but is the wealthiest and could serve as the starting point of the adventure.

You could do this in three different visual styles: Semi-realisitc (think Castlevania – Lords of Shadow) for the Child Timeline, cartoony (think Wind Waker) for the Adult Timeline and  impressionistic (think Skyward Sword) for the Classic Timeline.

The touchscreen would be used for the bag that works in all timelines. The other items the Links use individually could also be some exclusive stuff, like the Beetle or the Whip. You could use the various technological advances for upgrades or upgrade them magically. You could use the wealth of the child timeline to afford those upgrades. Money is rare in the Classic Timeline and the new Technologies from the Adult Timeline brought new money, so rupees are like diamonds for example. You would need to redistirbute your money between your Links through the bag, your keys, share your items.

The use of three Links also allows for a multiplayer addition like Four Swords. Nintendo could even add an online feature where you hook up with two different players online and each one of you focuses on one part of the quest, like a RAID in WOW. The possibilities sure are endless.

So this is MY take on a Zelda game that really should be made. And if Nintendo does not make it, you guys could donate some cash so I could hire a few people to help me make a similar game out of it, since I do make games after all^^

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2 Responses to My take: The Legend of Zelda WiiU/3DS

  1. jo says:

    i had thoughts like this with your old timeline but even with the offical timline it would work great
    Adult timeline with technology ( we`ve seen it in Spirit Track ),
    Fail timeline with magic ( Links Adventure )
    and the Child timeline with the Four Swords.

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