This is why what we do matters:

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It has always been my firm believe that we as artists have the responsibility to do the right thing. Extra Credits did a show about propaganda games and the topic and messages this thing conveys.
So I was pretty much shocked to see that a good man like Amir, who did an amazing job with his responsibility, was sentenced to death because he made a videogame.

Read this sentence again: A gamedesigner was sentenced to death because he created a videogame.

Think about that. Imagine you move to a foreign country and do your regular non dangerous dayjob there. And then you return home to visit your family and all of a sudden you get arrested and sentenced to death because you did your job. Your regular dayjob like clerk or construction worker.

We are talking a country here that executes a man under the wrong accusation that he is a spy and his goal is it to paint Iran in a wrong light. So what best way to show the world how wrong he is than to execute him for doing nothing.

This is the reality people. This happens to you if you actually show the people the wrongs in this world. I refrained from talking politics here simply because I don’t think that my opinion is better than those of other people. But I have to say this now: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, IRAN?

I am a game designer. I can’t imagine this happening to me and not going insane. I am out of words, something that really never happens to me. I just don’t know what to say anymore. This makes me sick. It really does. This is a good man, doing the right thing, using games as a mediom to convey a message. He does not deserve death. He deserves a friggin award for what he is doing. I belive that his games show us a political side to the gameplay of war. A side i gladly chose, ebcause I belive the western way to be better. I believe that freedom of speech, equality, democracy and most other rights we have to be better than the alternative.

I just hope that somebody is able to help this poor man, and that this crime by the Iranian government does not go unpunished again…

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  1. ezekielrage says:

    PS.: I know that things like this happen on a daily basis throughout the world. I know that. The difference here is that Amir is not a doctor who saved somebody the governemnt did not like. He is not a poor kid who was dumb enough to have sex with a girl or about a woman who accidentally dropped her face mask in public. Because those things get covered in public media all the time, and we are all aware of them. This one is important because it has nothing to do with politics and religion and is not covered anywhere. And I want that to change. I want this to get coverage as much as possible. You are NOT safe because you keep your hands away from the topics that disturb you. Remember that…

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