Webseries: The future of storytelling

Ever since TV exists, some shows set out to tell a bigger story than 45 minutes allowed them to. Shows like the Sopranos, 24 or LOST were highly successfull because they were well made and due to the fact that they told one big story. But lately, we see a trend where shows like that take a backseat to reality TV. Sure, there are good show out there, with House or Dexter, but those shows tend to be one shots. Sure, we get a lot of character development with Dexter and House and there are some bigger things going on but all in all those shows are made in a way that anyone can drop in and out at any time without having to worry of not understanding anything.

If you remember LOST, you couldn’t just drop in anytime. If you happened to catch an episode of season four you were so terribly lost it’s not even worth of a bad pun anymore. And to catch up you had to watch hours and hours of previous episodes and spend hundrets of dollars on the DVDs. Ever tried watching 24 without catching the first few seasons and especially episodes? Good luck with that…

The thing is, the internet is something that really makes up for that. Not only that, webseries can do so much more, things that were not possible on TV at any given time. Take the Mortal Kombat Legacy show for example. Nine episodes that had nothing to do with each other were produced and it was one of the best things to ever happen. Those episodes were brilliant, especially the Raiden and Cyrax/Sektor ones. You could never do something so random on TV.

Same goes for the Guild. A Show like that would not even be considered for airtime, yet it lives on the internet. And i don’t think I have to talk about the Epic Rap Battles of History, which is not even a real show but still in episodic and seasonal format. And if you still have any doubts about this, go watch Dr. Horrible. Nuff said!

Or my own shows, the Ronald Pierce Tapes and Veruca. Those things are produced on no budget and still find their place on YouTube.

I think that the big Studios should embrace the net more. They should do more webshows, more webseries and even provide internet movies. So what if your movie didn’t make enough money to warrant a big budget sequel? Go small budget. Make an internet movie or a webseries. Give newcomers a chance to prove themselfs. Like Warner did with Mortal Kombat Legacy. Why not continue this trend? ABC could easily do a few LOST shorts that fill in some plotholes (and there be a many). FOX could do a whole 24 webseries, not just those advertisement videos they did. And man, wouldnt it be nice to get a real ending to the Sopranos?

Thats what the internet is there for. It allows us to explore new ways of communication and education. Use that. And keep on producing REAL shows and not reality TV, which just makes people stupid.

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2 Responses to Webseries: The future of storytelling

  1. owen says:

    I think the problem is that there are just too many ads. Ads everywhere, 3 to 4 minutes. Added to that all the scenarios are recycled – if you have seen one drunk dad then you have seen them all at least twice in every sitcom. I really can’t keep up with network sitcoms anymore, there is just too much going on.

    Lost, I think after the first season it just got ridiculous. The island is more active than a volcano in the middle of the ring of fire.

    • ezekielrage says:

      I loved LOST and I have seen every episode three times (twice in my native german and once in english) and I understand where you come from. Also with the ads. A Webseries is ad free, usually…

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