My take: The Vampire Chronicles

With all the boom surrounding Twilight and whatever, what better time to bring back the Vampire Chronicles, a multi part story about a bunch of undead dudes and gals and their love for each other? Well, we had a bunch of movies about them a few years ago and they were meh at best and crappy at worst. But how to make it right? Well, here be my take on it…First of all, I want to talk about the story. I would systematically decompose the Lestat Books (because he is the best character in the series) and sort out all his life (and death) chronologically. Then I would sort out what was important to the overall story and what was just there to fill empty years.

Then i would arrange this chronologically together and pick out the theme that strikes me most for all his life, write that down as a conencted story and pick three significant overall arcs to create a trilogy of movies based on Lestat, from his birth to him becoming a vampire to him dying, returning, becoming more or less a god and whatnot. You get the idea. This would be a trilogy of two hour movies, maybe two and a half and would focus on lestat alone in chronological order. No flashbacks and the likes. The main show would be Lestat and all the other characters are there to progress the story.

I would fill in some backstory of the other characters by a series of shorts and animated shorts, both released online before the movie as viral marketing, also available on Bluray of course. The entire concept would include several music artists to interpret Lestats songs, but this time we feature the original Lyrics from the books and have different songwriters write each song, with musical themes of the songs playing throughout the movies as score, some sort of leitmotif of the scene in his life that influenced his songwriting.

Music would be an integral part of the story, and some scenes would even function with music only, similar to what Zack Snyder does all the time.

The cast would consist of mostly young actors from all over the world. My personal choice for Lestat would be Danielle Radcliffe. I think he has the eyes for that role. Radlcliffeis also pretty well known nowadays and he is a pretty good actor.

Those are just a few thoughts of how I would start developing such a project. I am pretty sure a few years down the road we will get a few Vampire Chronicles movies, be them good or bad, but we WILL get them. Let’s just hope they are better than the last one…

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