The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword REVIEW

I will structure and re-phrare this review differently from previous will be more personal and less review-y. Since i have a part time job at (german gaming site) where I do the review-y (new word, I like it) reviews of games (and I can already tell you I reviewed Skyward Sword there) I thought that I would do something else here. So here we go:

My experience with Skyward Sword was different from what I expected. I already knew the first four hours obviously, so it was like a re-play to me then. And I have to admit, while it was incredibly good, it was so horribly slow paced, I longed for the game to finally do something. It reminded me A LOT of Metroid Prime 2, which had the same problem.

After five hurs, the game finally presented something I have not yet seen and funny enough, it was then when it picked up. Not because it was new to me, I already had new experiences with the game a while ago, no but because it got its act together. It is like Lord of the Rings, that thing basically starts after Elrond’s council, and we have two hours worth of exposition to get there. Same thing here.

You see, the game works on absolutely every level. Almost everything is flawless. Yet, the very slow pacing and the slow start is something that all modern Zelda games have. Ever since Ocarina of Time that is. I yearn for the times of A Link to the Past. The entire game was one trip down perfect pacing lane. Right from the start you did some brilliant stuff. Get the lamp, run through the rain and infiltrate Hyrule castle. And all that within the first few minutes. But now? Link wakes up and then he does nothing of interest for almost an hour. You get your bird, fly a little, all nice and tutorial-y but pretty lame. Yes, I know the game needs to establish the relationships, characters and the tutorial, good and fine. But still, it doesn’t start for an hour or so. All modern Zelda games have this problem. It is only after you finally arrive in Eldin that the game picks up. And man, once it does pick up, it never goes back down again.

The Silent Realm is, in one word, scary. It is scary as scary can be in any Zelda game. And it does not stop there. After that, you head into the resident Eater Temple, correctly named Ancient Cistern in this game, and it gets even scarier. because beneath the pretty nice Cistern is an old abandoned demonic graveyard, where undead Bokoblins haunt your ever step. It feels like the Shadow Temple all over again, just with a LOT more ambient.

Speaking of temples, the game only has six-ish. That does not really matter though, because the entire world is designed like a dungeon. Another cue the game takes from Metroid Prime 2. It NEVER gets boring, no matter where you go. And frankly, once you are in Lanayru, you never want to leave again. The gameplay and visual aspect there is so incredible, It is by far the best thing anyone has ever done in any game whatsoever. Temporal displacement is one thing, but tying everything so tightly together is a master stroke. THIS GAME IS ART and I do not say that lightly.

The story of the game is even better than you migth expect, even from the leaks tat were provided. It establishes itself firmly as the first game in the main series, yet tells us that is nis not the first thing to happen. It acknowledges the fact that things came before, and even goes as far as flat out stating that it is a direct prequel to Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

So here is the thing: Is it the best Zelda ever? Well, yes and no. It is the inversion of A Link to the Past. in my opinion, ALTTP started out strong, kept a strong tone and declined in the end. This game however starts good, but not really spectacular, but then it rises and rises and keeps rising until it reaches its peak in Lanayru and never ever declines from there. Pretty much what happened with Metroid Prime 1 happens with ALTTP and what happened with Metroid Prime 2 happens with Skyward Sword. Does it make a better game than A Link to the Past? I would say equally good.

I gave the game 99% simply because it deserved it. Does not get much better than that.

PS.: For those of you who claim OCarina of Time is the best Zelda ever: You are wrong, an idiot and deserve to be riddiculed. Now go play with baby toys or something…

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