The Skyward Sword demo leak, the story and the timeline!

Yes, I am in possession of the full story of Skyward Sword through the demo leak. And yes, I have already read everything there is to know and yes, I am here to squash the rumors surrounding the game and the story and to strengthen the timeline. So only continue to read if you are interested in SPOILERS!

First and foremost, NO there is NO third split in the timeline!

This game is NOT the origin of the sleeping Zelda in Adventure of Link!

No, this game is NOT the first in the timeline!

YES Skyloft fuses with Hyrule at the end of the game!

YES, this link IS the first Hero of Time!

YES this game DOES explain the reincarnations of Zelda, Link and even Ganondorf!

NO, Ganondorf is NOT in the game!

YES this game still fits with my timeline version! Furthermore, it strenghtens my theory about the Shiekah, King Gustav and the theory that the NES Zelda games occur after Wind Waker!

NO this game is NOT the origin of Hyrule!

YES the game is the origin of the Master Sword!

The Temple of Time already exists!

Timetravel is in this game!

Zelda is the human embodiement of the Goddess HYLIA, the creator of the Hylians!

The Hylians are the Humans from Skyloft and since Skyloft fuses with Hyrule in the end, it is the origin of the Hylian race!

YES the game has a new final boss!

NO Link and Zelda DO NOT KISS, are NOT a couple and are NOT in love. And let me tell you THEY PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE…

If you have any questions regarding the games story, feel free to do so in the comments!

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6 Responses to The Skyward Sword demo leak, the story and the timeline!

  1. Who? says:

    1. lol does Link die? What happens to him at the end of the game? (I already know that Fi essentially dies.)

    2. Do the 7 sages/wise men from ALtTP make an appearance?

    3. Does Zelda’s father become King in order to re-establish Hyrule?

    4. what’s Groose’s story?

    5. What happens to Ghirahim? Does he become the Trident, like some previous 4ch rumors have suggested?

    6. Any interesting details about “the world in the past?”

    • ezekielrage says:

      1.) no he does not die. same thing that happens to him at the end of ever game…
      2.) nope they dont
      3.) not said really
      4.) well he basically helps link rescue zelda. he jumps back into the past to deliver a message from “granny” and saves zeldas live. he eventually becomes friends with link
      5.) no he does not
      6.) not text wise. i guess the biggest change will be in the gameplay. story wise the game ends in the past when link travels back to defeat the evil “Demise” (big bad) in the past

  2. Langdon Orr says:

    1) Where do you fight Demise in the past? Does anyone help you fight him?
    2) What happens to Ghirahim? Does he die? If so, how?
    3) What is the Sheikah woman’s name? And what happens to her?
    4) Does anyone prominent other than the bad guys die? If so, who?
    5) What is the final boss fight like? Is it in stages (example: first form, final form)?
    6) What’s the explanation for Ganondorf’s role in the sequels of Skyward Sword?

    • ezekielrage says:

      1.) The Desert that is actually an ancient civilisation beneath the sand and the text dump does not say, but as far as I can tell you are on your own.
      2.) He dies Because link kills him with the Sword.
      3.) She is the first Impa. Apparently, Impa is a common Shiekah name. She stays in the past and turns out to be the old woman tehy refer to as “Granny” in the present.
      4.) Nope (Chuck Testa). One could say that Fi dies by placing her Spirit in the Master Sword but thats not really death I guess…
      5.) The text dump does not say, but considering the multiple stages of the final boss in most other Zelda games, I GUESS we have more than one stage.
      6.) After “Demise” dies, his soul is banished in the Master Sword. Previously to that, the Triforce was obtained by Link (yes, you do that). The essence of the key players in this game remain throughout the centuries. So Ganondorf basically grows so bitter, that all the hatred in the world caused by “Demise” practically gets abosrbed into him. As far as I udnerstood it, it is not really a reincarnation thing, more like a passing the torch thing. Without “Demise” Ganondorf would have never been fuelled with so much hatred and power. Only because of that he was able to gein the triforce of Power. So in a way, the death of the big bad in this game actually paved the way for Ganondorf.

  3. Hupp says:

    When you say it is not the first in the series does that mean that there could be a game before it or that the Minish Cap is still before it? I ask because you state that the is the creation of Hyrule and the Minish Cap clearly takes place in Hyrule. If the Minish Cap comes before Skyward Sword, how does it work with overall timeline of Hyrule?

    • ezekielrage says:

      Because it is obvious that there were people and civilisation beore the game. Even the Shiekah betrayal happened before this game. Hyrule also existed before this game, all the goddess did was taking a piece of it and throw it into the sky. But it already existed before that. Furthermore, my theory is that the PAST events happen before Minish Cap and that the present events happen after Minish cap. There is a Wind tribe in Minish Cap living in the sky. I think that Minish Cap happened during the time when the Lanayru Sea dried out, leaving a march and ultimately a desert behind. Also, the Backstory to both games could have been the same backstory. It is said in Skyward Sword that Hylia and the remainder of the creatures of the lands joined forces against demise. it is said in Minish cap that the monsters came with the evil and that there were no monsters before that. So those could have been the same events. I will update my timeline in time^^

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