Anticipating Skyward Sword

The legend of zelda – Skyward Sword will be released on November 18th here in Austria. And nobody around here is probably anticipating it as much as I am. In fact, I am sure that not a lot of people in this world are so eager to finally experience the game like me. That is simply because I am looking forward to a great many different things than anyone else…

For instance, since I already played the game at Gamescom, I pretty much know how it plays (awesome btw.) so I know what to expect (greatness btw.)

What I am looking forward to is the visual re-interpretation of classic locales in a different timesetting (since this is a prequel to Ocarina of Time, you can expect locales from this game and Twilight princess to return) and graphical syle. I loved the new visual direction from day one and simply cant wait to walk through Hyrule in this new style.

I also cant wait for the music. The first Zelda ever to have orchestrated music, the re-listening of the Spirit tracks soundtrack made me anticipate it even more. And since we are already speaking about Spirit Tracks…

The story obviously. Not what happens during the game but how it ties the games together. As mentioned in my TIMELINE, this game might answer a few of our questions. And since the Spirit Tracks team was involved in this, we can be sure that tehre are plenty of nods and clues to how the timeline is set up.

I also anticipate this game because it was promised that this is the best Zelda game ever. I for one favour A Link to the past over Ocarina of Time, but eitehr way, the stakes are high. Can Nintendo deliver again?

And last but not least, I anticipate the future of the series after this. If it is a success, we might see more of this new gameplay style. if not, Nintendo might revert back to the classic formula of dungeon, voerworld, dungeon, overworld instead of the new, streamlined formula. For better or worse, this game is a major factor in whats to come.

And i can’t wait to experience it!

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1 Response to Anticipating Skyward Sword

  1. owen says:

    I am always impressed by what ninty is able to do with the little resources in their consoles. Its definitely going to be a must buy game. I hope it appeals to my sense of adventure this time instead of twilight which seemed to be amass of empty 3d space.

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