Mysteries of the Zelda Universe: The Shiekah!

I have been prepearing this article for a long time. Months to be exact. My original idea was it to write about secrets unexplained in Zelda lore. I wanted to start with teh Sheikah after re-playing Ocarina of Time. I then bought the 3DS version and played that, since i have the stance that the latest version of the game is the most accurate one. But here I am, posting this, knowing full well that another webiste already posted a similar article to this. Oh well, life is cruel…

Most people that don’t play Zelda are oblivious to this, but part of what makes Zelda so engaging is the untold history of its characters. Zelda is more than a game. It is a lifelong quest for the truth. Nintendo provieds little answers, and what is provided fuels the theories of many. And this is entirely what Nintendo wants. If you talk about a game beyond the game, you are there. And Nintendo knows that.

Point, the Zelda Timeline i so carefully consturcted. Nintendo will never release the timeline. They will never add blatant hitns to the games about the timeline simply because they want us to look past the obvious.

And here I am with the Shiekah. Originally created for the N64 Hit Ocarina of Time, the Shiekah were only mentioned in name, as they have all been extinct, except one named Impa. However, and that is the important point, the game pretty much tells us everythign we need to know about the tribe.

We know for example that they were warriors, locked in a war between Hyrule and its invaders eons ago. They are Ninja like assasins and possess magic powers. However, there is much, MUCH more to them.
For instance, their logo. An eye with a bloody tear. It is said that centuries ago, the Shiek betrayed the Royal family and becuase of that were all killed. The survivors added the tear to their eye symbol. However, to fully understand that statement, we have to dig deeper. MUCH deeper.

You see, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense, that explanation. Why would you ebtray somebody and then regret it and serve them again with a new logo? The truth is far more vile and brutal. Let us talk specific design here.

The bottom of the well in Kakariko is where we start. The Shiekah build Kakariko, and originally lived there until they went extinct. Remnants of that can be seen, as it is known that where the well now is, once a house could be found. Ahouse where a Shiekah obviously lived. And what was below that said house? A torture chamber.

The bottom of the well is a large torture chamber. Prisons, torture deivces and deadly traps are everywhere. What did you think where the re-Dead are coming from? They are prisoners, tortured and killed by the Shiekah. Blood on the floors and ceiling of the well pretty much tells the whole story.

Same goes for the Shadow Temple. I mean, look at it. it is basically a prison and torture chamber nobody will ever get out of. It has more deadly traps than a Saw movie. It even has a cursed ship that transports the prisoners over a dead river. It is obvious what was going on here.
But why all of it? Why would an entire clan of Ninja assasins, scorcerers and torturers serve the royal family. And where does our betrayal stand?

Point, the gossip stones. They are everywhere. And they know all the gossip. Why? Because they were designed to listen to the gossip of the people and then tell the Shiekah wo was an eventual traitor to the King. Furthermore, what did you think the Mask of Truth and the Lens of Truth were for? Peep shows? Those are clearly surveillence and interrogation items. The mask of truth will make people tell the truth. And the lens of truth can see hidden objects and through chests and walls. Hiding from the Shiekah was impossible. They were the CIA and the FBI of Hyrule combined. And they did a damn fine job. So what went wrong?

Simply put, greed. It is written there, in the Graveyard of Kakariko, that once, hyrule had darker times ruled by hatred and greed. Greed for power. Greed for the Triforce!

Imagine, you are a King, greedy and such and you have the Shiekah udner your thumb. They serve you because they are religious people. And it is well known that the Hylians were close to the gods. The Shiekah are deeply religuous. One can see that looking at their culture. They build a sacred temple in a Graveyard. They build the Temple of time and use alot of religuous scenery in their cultures. So believers serve the race of the gods. And the King was abusing their powers for his own benefit. A war occured, probably looking for the triforce. Maybe even a war against those interloopers that would eventually get sealed into the Twilight realm. We do know that the Ooca are the one race closer to the gods and that there was a messenger between the Ooca and the Hylians. Said messenger was very likely to be a Shiekah. That is a very bad constellation.Zelda, in the disguise of SHiek speaks of betrayal and death. It is very likely she knows those stories from either the royal Family or from Impa.

What would you do if you have a clan of Ninja assasins and torturers that know all your vile and dark secrets and then all of a sudden a war tears the land in two and your clan of Ninja assasins turns out to have another set of friends high up in the sky? Well, you get rid of them of course.

What if the betrayal that added the bloody tear to the Shiekah eye was not by the Shiekah? What if that betrayal was by the King of Hyrule? The very family the Shiekah swore to protect? The King was a greedy control freak, we already know that. Interrogation and torture was not beneath him, neither was spying on his people. The gossip stones told the Shiekah who was not loyal and the shiekah tortured and killed them. All by the orders of a mad King who wanted the triforce so badly he waged a war to find it. Obviously he failed. But to keep his power he needed the Shiekah to be gone. And so he had them hunted down and killed. One by one until only a handfull remained. Hidden within a hidden village, waiting for someone who would once again bring glory. The messenger of the Ooca perhaps. Only Impa remained, probably because she was so deeply rooted to the royal family she was considered to be family. All those things happened ages ago. Nobody still remembers. The vile King eventually died. And then? Let us go back in time… let us go back to the life of KING GUSTAV!

There was war. Everybody was seeking power. Lucky for Hyrule, the Hero of men came. The Picori gave him the picori sword and the light force and the hero drove out the evildoers. The evil powers were imprisoned in a boy with teh picori blade sealing the prison. Eventually, peace returned. And the hero was named King. King Gustav. King Gustav was said king who actively pursued his people by the Shiekah. He had them tortured and killed to get what he wanted. He wanted the Triforce, to shape Hyrule into the land he deemed worthy. In the end, he was a patriot, a hero even, but a horrible King. He was very fond of the Wind Tribe, a secret organisation that lived above the clouds. He had messengers comunicate with them. He even had a Kinstone piece that would allow said Messenger to travel between the Lands and the Skies. When he grew older, he was sad and bitter. He grew more paranoid by the day andthen he snapped, ordering the assasination of his personal assasins. Everything went down and Hyrule became a dark place, ruled by corruption and death. Maybe, just maybe, this is the scenario Skyward Sword takes place in?

Please note that the above story is not official. It is me pieceing the clues together.
What we do know is that the Shiekah were assasins for the King. They DID torture and kill people they spied upon with the gossip stones. And there was a betrayal between the Shiekah and the king and the Shiekah vanished from Hyrule. Probably, the Kign betrayed and murdered the Shiekah. It is highly unlikely that it occured the other way around. We don’t know for sure ebcause it is Zelda that gives us that information, and we don’nt know how truthful the royal family is about those events. However those events happened. That is a fact. And about my story told above? Well, it lines up nicely. Let’s see what Skyward Sword brings!

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4 Responses to Mysteries of the Zelda Universe: The Shiekah!

  1. vaatidorf says:

    Hello, again. That is a pretty good article. As you mentioned, there was a similar article on another site in the past (I forgot where it is), but this one is much better. They way the events line up could work out very nicely. If you want some fun with this, post this on one of the many fan sites that are around and see the responses of the other members. You probably won’t forget it. Have fun! =)

    • ezekielrage says:

      Hello again 😉
      Thanx, that actually sounds like a wondeful idea. If I fidn the time somehow, i migth do this. I am horribly stressed lately. So much work to do. I will probably rework this a little once Skyward Sword is out and add a few pix. Some stuff is just too good to miss^^

  2. Except Nintendo did in fact release a timeline after this article was written :p

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