The Top E3 announcements from Nintendo I want (and probably never get)

It is this time of the year again. The weeks before E3. Where another gazillion lists of what and whatnot should be good appear. Hence me doing this list.

#5: Retro Studios doing Eternal Darkness 2
This one is a no-brainer. Imagine the guys that brought us the holy grail of video games (Metroid Prime Trilogy for the uninformed) bring us Eternal Darkness 2. The first Eternal Darkness game was an awesome masterpiece of mindfricking and fourth-wall breaking, all in a serious and dark tone. And Nintendo has the rights to that.

#4: Even more Zelda
It is the year of Zelda (and Megaman and Castlevania for that matter) so where is all the Zelda love, Nintendo? No special bundles? No collectibles? No new soundtracks and only two games, where only one of them is new? Seriously? I don’t believe that. Bring us a 3D remake of A Link to the Past (as Miyamoto has hinted a while ago) or at least release the Ancient Stone Tablets in a single game…

#3: Project Cafe release date and launch lineup
We will get some Project Cafe information, that is for sure, but then again sharing rumors is fun too. So i want them to tell us exactly WHEN we get it and what games will be available for the system at launch.

#2: F-Zero Cafe & Jet Force Gemini 3DS

#1 A REAL Mario and Sonic Crossover!
’nuff said!

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