Jumping the Bandwagon: Project Cafe

Because I simply can not ignore the sheer flood of rumors regarding the successor to the Wii, I decided to post my own 1.21 Gigawatts regarding the system. And that is, quite frankly, a lot!

So, first thing’s first, the Controler. Rumor has it the controler features a 6.2 inch HD touch screen of streaming games and is tablet shaped. It comes with the functionality of a GameCube Controler with motion sensing. So essentially, the controler is a one screened 3DS without the 3D effect and an HD display. But I HIGHLY DOUBT the HD part. The resolution is probably alot smaller for princing reasons.
Apparently, the system is backwards compatible to the Wii and the Wii remotes. No word on GameCube support yet or how the sensor bar is supported.

We know that the system is significantly more powerfull than the 360 or the PS3. We also know that it does not feature any friend codes and that it is about online gaming, social interaction and community building.
We also know that it will feature the long since announced vitality sensor and that it is very easy for companies to port games, so we can expect a flood of half assed PS3/360 Ports during the launch window.

With this console, Nintendo tries to capture the hardcore gamer, similar like it tried to capture the casual gamer with the Wii. But what does that mean to us? Some analysts say the timing is off and that Nintendo is doomed to fail. However, the same analysts predicted the end of Nintendo with the Wii six years ago.

Nintendos new HD Console will likely ship around September 2012 and I expect it to cost no less than 300 US Dollars or Euros. It probably does not feature a bluray device and probably relies on a mixture of retail based discs and streaming onto the console and its controler.  I expect it to launch in black only and have a nice multi layered gloss finish similar to the 3DS. Of course connectivity to the 3DS is a given and Wii Shop and Mii data should be transferable from your Wii to your new console.

Once E3 is here, we know for sure, but until then, dont just believe everything you read on the interwebs 😉

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