So obviously, some companies don’t like my money

I live in Europe. And Europe has the very very bad habit of not getting some awesome releases in movies and especially games. Why? Well, apparently, companies do not want our money.

Have an example: Watchmen Complete Cut on bluray was not released in europe. I so want that movie on bluray but i will NOT spend any money on the theater version or the directors cut without the Black Freighter segmetns cut in. And since I am a sucker for dubbing (just to have it) I will NOT import the US version. And the reason this happened? WB doesnt think that european customers want that release.

Same goes for Konami and Sony. European customers who were dumb enough to buy a PS3 (there, I said it) are screwed by them. I am one of those dumb screwed ones. Ever tried downloading anythign Castlevania related in Europe on PSN? Good luck with that, have fun with a total of TWO! downloads, both are trailers for Lords of Shadow. NO Symphony of the Night NO Chronicles, NO Reverie, NO Wallpapers, nothing. Sure, they say Reverie gets released on Wednesday, April 20th. More than a month after the US release. For more money. But everything else? Screw you europe.

Same goes for Resident Evil, Tekken and a few others. ExciteBots for Wii? Amazing game, not released in Europe. Thank god we got a censored version of Splatterhouse, what would we do without that game?

And that list goes on. LOST complete collection on bluray? Screw Europe. DVD release? Maybe but only with half assed bonus stuff and no dubbing for the epilogue (after we changed voice actors for Locke in mid season 3 and for Sun in Season 5) and at twice the price. Screw europe. That is what I think some companies are saying. That is how it feels. So I say: Screw you, I pirate. And you can’t do shit because it is not illegal in my country. Happy Easter Motherfuckers!

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