The Prophecy: TRAILER!

Without further distraction, the Trailer to The Prophecy right after the jump.

As ever, comments are welcome!

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6 Responses to The Prophecy: TRAILER!

  1. vaaatidorf says:

    Nice! That looks just as good as a real Castlevania game, which is one of my favorite game series. Please tell me the difficulty of this will be on par with the older games. Some of the newer Castlevanias have been way to easy for me.

  2. ezekielrage says:

    Well, the first stage is more on the easy side, because I want newcomers to enjoy the game of course. However, the second stage is more challengeing and come stage 3, the difficulty is on par with classic castlevania games. And even if that is too easy for you, the game will feature a HARD mode that is twice as hard and anotehr additional mode that is even harder 🙂

    • vaatidorf says:

      Doing that makes sense. Give beginners a chance with the early stages and then throw in stages later on that are very hard. iIt’s sad when fan-made games are harder than the offcial ones, isn’t it? At least as of late.

  3. Joseph says:

    whats the song that plays when a boss comes

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