Videogames and Marketing

This is the year 2011. We have active home gaming for 28+ years now. In almost three decades, we have seen gaming evolve from a bunch of moving dots to full fledged almost life like interactive movies. So why is it that people still don’t know how to advertise them?

I have a fiancee who was working at a move theater for the last year or so. And this theater was one of few who was actually showing operas. In 3D for the whole experience. So far so good.

Those shows were usually visited by elderly people and those who call themselfs sophisticated enough to understand them. A rather picky crowd if you ask me. And I was once lucky enough to witness part of a showing of “Carmen” for free. And while I sat there watching the violence and gore, blood flying off the screen in 3D, I asked myself: Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea playing the Killzone 3 Trailer in 3D with the slogan: “The game is just the beginning” in front of hundrets of conservative, aging, anti-gaming people?

Seriously. That happened right in front of my eyes. It was then when I realized: Gaming Marketing equals a huge pile of shit.

I mean, have we only come this far in almost 30 years? Slogans like that are the very reason “concerned parents” are so active against games. OR what was that EA stunt back then when they advertised a M rated game (18+ for europeans) towards teenagers with the slogan: “Your mom will hate it”? What the fuck?

How come nobody knows how to advertise games anymore? Well, nobody but the casual gaming marketing department it seems. And while I actually like some casual games, I still don’t understand why they got it right?

Look, It is one thing to market Castlevania, a series whos most successfull title before “Lords of Shadow” was Symphony of the Night for the PlayStation one with less than a million copies sold. “Lords of Shadow” generated buzz at showings and because it was reinventing the franchise, and that worked. It was a first time experiment with a new developer and it payed off. So nobody cries about half assed three minutes trailers that are showing the nice visuals or some voiceover of the god-like Sir Patrick Steward.

But companies like Sony or EA should know their game. They are in this biz for ages and they do what? Make people hate them? Seriously? Who thought thats a good idea, their pre-school son?

If games want to be taken serious, they should use a serious marketing approach. Because the way they re marketed now is either for kids or like cheap splatter movies that are there just for the gore. And in some way, those depictions are accurate. But games are so much more.

I remember when Metroid Prime 3 or the Metroid Prime Trilogy was released. There was close to ZERO advertising for the games. And then Nintendo asks themselfs why nobody bougth their game? REALLY?

Look, people, you are not me. I have ZERO budget for marketing. Still, I think of ways to market my game to the people that are my target audience. But you, you ahve a gazillion qadrupillion dollars to market your games. And what are you doing with it? You are doing this:

Seriously? REALLY? Even my twelve year old sister knows that this is dumb. And your entire marketing department thought thats a good idea? REALLY?????????


You marketing guys are dumb fucks. Really. You are ruining EVERYTHING we worked so hard to reach for. Attention of the public to accept games as a new medial art form. We want games to be taken serious. And you do this? NOW? 28+ years after we started out doing something good with the media?

All in all, maybe I am just overthinking this. Maybe. But I am pretty sure I am not. Please marketing people, stop doing crack and start doing jor job for a change. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, produce some quality advertising for quality games that focus on the GOOD aspects of the game, not the fucked ones. Because if you don’t, games might just end up like cheap splatter movies after all…

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