Learning experience OR: Why isn’t there a MythBusters game?

So, I am eagerly awaiting the start of the 2011 season of MythBusters. It is one of my favourite shows. SO I sit here and re-watch some episodes I already forgot what they are all about. And while I am sitting here, eating my yoghurt and watching the show, I ask myself: Why isn’t there a MythBusters game?

I mean, think about it: Games can educate. And if done right, in an entertaining way, a MythBusters game could be the best form of entertaining education since porn.

Imagine: You are the player, maybe your Mii, Avatar or yourself photographed, whatever. You are staning there with Adam and Jamie, maybe Kari because we all know Kari equals Nerd love, or even the full cast. And then you get the myth. And you have to talk to the guys, discussiong options, maybe have multiple choice options what to do or something.

You can even make this a two scene game. If the regular Adam and jamie quest is too tough for you, play easy mode with Tory, Grant and Kari.

After you set on a path to go, you start experiments. build some devices or mix some fluids. Then set them up and for example shoot them or blow them up. Basically, involve the player in the decision making the MythBusters have and let him build the stuff the guys build.

You don’t even have to make it ultra hardcore HD. You can always build it around the basic gameplay of a point and click adventure in combination with a hidden object game and trivia. Research the solution, find the neccesary tools, build your stuff and then see the experiment work.

I don’t know why nobody ever tried it but somebody should. What do you think?

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