Castlevania – Lords of Shadow DLC delayed AGAIN in Europe

Everyone who was like me and anxiously waited for the DLC to Castlevania arrive today after they already released it weeks ago in the US of A was in for a surprise: It was not released at all!

The reason for this is that the X-Box 360 version of the game had a bug, and Konami of Europe decided that, unlike thier US counterparts, they would not release the finished DLC for PS3 without the 360 version.

Nice to know however is the fact that the 360 version still has not been released because of that bug. It was to be released two weeks ago. So what happens now?

We have to wait. Instead of just releasing the damn thing for PSN and release it for XBLA when it is done, they are holding back. At least in europe, since Reverie is out for the US PSN for two weeks now. Good to know our well earned cash is not wanted by Konami of Europe. I for one will download the DLC anyway, but I know that some people will not, because of the delay. Bad move Konami…

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