Nintendo 3DS – Part 3

Finally the day is here, where I can officially talk about the 3DS. It is in Stores across Europe today, and you might want to read this before you head out buying yourself one 🙂

First off, the System is fantastic. The visual design and the quality of the hardware is stunning. But you already know that. It is Nintendo after all.

So here is a smal rundwon what you need to know:

  1. You can play all DS and DSi titles with the system EXCEPT those that use a GBA cartridge. But you can surely survive without those two games that actually need it.
  2. DS games are of lower resolution. Thus, the system scales them up. It is a little blurry but it does not really destract. You can always play in the original resolution if you like by holding select and A when booting a DS game. Makes the games look sharper in contrast but you have to deal with black borders then.
  3. There is no 3D with DS games obviously
  4. The battery is not as short as others might tell you. You can enable energy saving mode to get even more out of it, but it darkens the screen a little.
  5. The build in software consists mostly of minigames and small features. The minigames are fun. Especially Face Raiders.
  6. You cn load the System either through the docking station or through the regular cable. I prefer the Docking station, it keeps my system safe.

Now, onto the games. For my girlfriends sake I bought a Nintendogs + Cats version. However, I also happened to play Street Fighter, Rayman and Asphalt. Sorry, no Ridge Racer.

Nintendogs + Cats is exactly what you think it is. A pet simulator. For someone like me and my girl, this is handy. She loves cats, but i am alergic to them, so we simply cant have one. Hence the game. And it works. The 3D is convicing, so are the animals. Nice.

Rayman is the very unfortunate product of a rushed development. It is the same game you played on your Dreamcast ages ago. Nothing bad about that, I like it, but you simply can’t play it in 3D. The 3D effect is horrible and the framerate breaks down if 3D is active. If you never had the chance to experience this game, rent it. If you really want it, then at least play it in 2D only.

Street Fighter is also exactly what the name makes you think. It looks stunning, the 3D effect is nice, the new secondary perspective makes it even nicer. All in all i can reccomend this game to anyone who likes fighting games.

Asphalt is another Ubisoft game. And like most Ubisoft launch games to any system, it is a missed oportunity. I am not a fan of racing games, so I cant tell you anything about the specs or the cars or whatnot. The 3D was okay but the game is either buggy or badly designed. The framerate seemed to dip aswell or the game just is slow.

All in all, I reccomend the System, but not for a 250€ price. I got it for less, but i reccomend you wait until June. It won’t be cheaper by June, but you can at least get Kid Icarus and Zelda by then 😉


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